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Exclusive 10 Things Videos

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Back when the internet was awesome, you could tell jokes, and people would laugh their asses off at them... all kinds of jokes... now? You have to be very careful what you say because you will be crucified, even if you are joking... funny right? OMG SO FUNNY!

Anyway! Here are FOUR videos that have a lot of awesome jokes in them... clips from these videos will be hitting all kinds of social media over the next week, which should be fun... but the full versions? They are here for your consumption. Group of videos includes: I Paid Onision $1000 To Skype With Me on His Patreon! 10 Reasons Breakups Are The Worst 10 Things I Love About Dating Men

Death Note 10 Things

This post is going to be exclusive for ELITES due to the... extra awesome nature of it.


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Unknown member
Aug 31, 2022

These are all still so funny 😂 Good times lol

Unknown member
Aug 31, 2022
Replying to

Yep, I definitely have been... I forgot about recording some of those videos, so watching them now is like seeing them for the first time... weird.

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