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How To Deal With "Haters"

You have it wrong. Most people do.

You walk into a lion's den, and act like you can pretend you're not hurt when they claw you and gnaw at your neck. How ridiculous.

A lot of folks online, celebrity, social influencer, or just regular Joe, find themselves occasionally or constantly dealing with people described as "toxic" or "losers" or "trolls" or "basement dwelling keyboard warriors" etc. With humans naturally having emotions, these folks can have a serious impact on your mental health, if you let them.

What do people almost always say?


- The most generic and often superficial advice.

Here's a big reality check for a few of you folks: A lot of horrible shit goes on in the world every other minute of every other day... do you even care? Really?

Let me give you some examples:

Did you know about all of that? Did you know of at least two of those things?

If you didn't know about even one of those things, and you're capable of basic human emotion: YOU WERE BETTER OFF NOT KNOWING

Why? Because now that you KNOW those things happened, you FEEL WORSE.

Those things are shit, absolute shit. Horrifyingly awful things that happened, that you just can't fathom being a part of your life or any part of the life of anyone you know.

So that was an EXTREME example. Why?

  1. Your problems with "haters" are nothing compared to the problems going on in the above list. Yes, I know "The starving children in Africa" sentiment.

  2. You likely concern yourself with things that do not matter, because you, like me, have been petty many times and simply cannot focus on what really matters as you consistently put your fragile ego (very common) before your success.

  3. You suffer from a serious issue with priorities and one of the greatest sins: PRIDE - Why? You need to be shaken out of your funk.

A long time ago I went on a serious Twitter rant about a YouTuber who was shot. Over 30 innocent people/children had been shot or drowned trying to escape an evil government at about the same time the YouTuber was shot. Instead of social media giving ANY mention to the over 30 children who were murdered, they focused all their attention on the YouTuber.

What did people do/say when I pointed out that these people didn't really care about human life, and instead only concerned themselves of the NOTORIETY of the lives in question? I didn't magically fix anyone, no one was like "Wow, you're right, every life is equal in value." - Instead, I was met with a WAVE of hate.

So, what did that teach me? It taught me that I should shut up. It taught me that I am not welcome to share my view and death statistics. I'm not allowed to use facts to equate all human lives as the same. Instead, I am required to follow the trend, I need to shut the fuck up and march in line, pretending the mob is right, or I will be executed by them. THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IF USING YOUR FREEDOM IS AGGRESSIVELY AND VISCIOUSLY PUNISHED - THAT'S THE SAME AS HAVING SPEECH BE ILLEGAL

I took one step forward, toward being a spineless drone, controlled puppet of the masses.

You could again say "You should have ignored them, speak the truth." - But the problem is, I, like you, value the equality of lives. That often bleeds over to the opinions of others being equal as well.

The internet has a very simple system of logic: MIGHT = RIGHT - If the mob is strong, their agenda becomes reality and facts no longer have a place in their world. So, let's say a mob goes after you, and constantly tells you that you suck, that you're ugly etc. or GASP...

That your body is disgusting and your fat!? (Because body shaming is only wrong if YOU do it... "Haha")

The solution is not ignoring it. You will still be emotionally impacted whether you like it or not, because you're not an emotionally numb nutjob right? Shit still hurts even if you pretend it doesn't. This is a great example:

He tried to rise above it, pretending he was superior to every other human, like he had discovered some amazing way to outsmart his own emotions, and guess what? Didn't work. He wound up in a worse position by ignoring his own humanity. It's a fictional tale, that I've seen in reality plenty.

So "Ignoring it" is not the solution, because you still SEE IT. And that, for most every person on this planet, still harms your psyche.

So how do you actually deal with haters?

The same way you deal with any toxin on Earth.

You don't walk into a COVID infested room and tell your cells in your body to just "Ignore it".

What do you do with COVID? You literally do everything you can to make sure you are nowhere near it/completely protected from it.

You say, "Fuck that shit" and stay six feet or more away from anyone you think might even have it.

The point is, so many people seem to believe they are strong enough. They're not. Just look at Will Smith, he's been a celebrity most of his life, and still can't take a joke:

If you do encounter hate, the best thing you can do is reward yourself for enduring that horse shit. Someone calls you a "fucking twat"? Oh no, guess it's time for two scoops of ice cream and a warm bath. Fuck that asshole, and you have yourself a great bubble-tastic experience.

Stop pretending you're not a fucking human. We all are. If someone upsets you, block them, obviously, and walk away. Treat yourself to something nice and think about how you got attacked in the first place.

If someone beats your ass in an alleyway, would you be smart to go down that alleyway again? Hello? Don't change your personality, your outfit or anything else about you, just pick a new path. Did you get attacked on Twitter? Maybe don't use Twitter anymore, or just stop reading what people say to you there. Post day and night to Facebook, and who gives a shit what people say in response? Are you YOU or are you just a little bitch puppet of the masses?

Did you get insulted at a Christian Church? Fuck that place, don't go there anymore. Let them feel superior, think they're smart and you're stupid, how is that your problem anyway? Just fuck off to some place better for you.

Point is, a lot of you motherfuckers sit in the water, and complain that it's getting hot. You then are told to ignore it by some thoughtless dweeb, and are like "Oh yeah, that will work." Yet the shit gets hotter and hotter, then you're a boiling face down frog at that point. You thought you were ABOVE being human. Stop feeling bad for being human, start making good decisions that return your humanity.

If you get an illness (like the flu, AIDS or some shit), you naturally ask yourself how you were exposed to that illness. So why the fuck don't you ask yourself how/where you got your mental illness (feeling really upset, sad, angry, whatever) when someone says something awful to you?

You can't change them, they're dickheads and will probably always be dickheads. But you can change yourself. Put your armor on, watch your step, and only go where you know it's safe. If you find out somewhere isn't safe, and there's predators waiting to pounce on you while acting like they're heroes? Don't go there again or do something better than ignoring them: Be immune to them, by not allowing yourself to see them, hear them or know anything that's ever on their mind. Because their mind sucks, and yours is about moving forward, not about being stuck in the past, or pulled down to the shit mud hole they live in.

"Misery loves company." They feel like shit, and they want you to feel like shit too.

If someone insults you, or tries to get you upset, it's not because of what you said, did or who you are, it's because of who they are. Unless you want to give them more power, unless you want them to control you, maybe take the controls out of their hands, and get something done in your own life, that's actually productive.

Do you recall me bringing up genocide, animal slaughter & a psycho mom with her toddler? I brough that up because most that stuff you probably didn't know about, so it didn't impact you right? How the fuck do you think you should be treating the cancer kings (aka "haters") online? You shouldn't know about them! Just like those stories. They say "Ignorance is bliss' because you don't concern yourself with the BULLSHIT of the world, instead, you live your OWN fucking life, and you feel way fucking better!

Stop making the fucked-up mentalities of others, YOUR PROBLEM. If you're sitting online, jacking off on trying to hurt other people, you're not a person worth listening to you, yet you listen to them? No, not anymore.

Good people don't feel good hurting people, no matter who they are. So why act like the people who try to hurt you are worth you even reading or hearing what they say? Fuck those losers.

You can do this, you are in control of your own life, get it together ok?

Best of luck to you, you motherfucking boss. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Come back and read this shit again if you ever forget. It takes effort to build good habits, but you can do it.


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Unknown member
Jul 18, 2023

i wish i couldve saved you

Unknown member
Jul 18, 2023
Replying to

bro moment?


Unknown member
Jul 02, 2022

Finally had some time off from work to read this. And you're exactly right. Evil will always exist, and it's up to you to protect yourself. No-one can survive living in a locus of negativity.


Unknown member
Jun 28, 2022

I think the sentiment of ‘Just ignore them’ is used to suggest what you explain, but I totally agree the wording is problematic. ‘Just’ implying it’s a little thing when as you correctly state it can have a major impact on someone’s mental health, and ‘ignore them’ implying that it’s something they should go through again and suck up. Love the suggestion to fight hate with self love, as you very rightly say we can’t control what others are going to do or how they react to us, we can only control our own actions.


Unknown member
Jun 28, 2022

Great read Onision. My own personal take on it is: The more you hate someone/something or react to the hate in a hateful way, the more you imitate it without noticing it. You, literally, become who/what you hate just by giving the hater the satisfaction of reacting to them. You may not ignore it, but don't let it change You!


Unknown member
Jun 27, 2022

Loved this and I totally agree! Sometimes you want to respond to haters out of anger, but the best thing to do is not give them any attention and go about your day. Amazing blog ❤️

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