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How To NOT Change People

Listening to audio books has changed my life for the better... does that sound funny? I'm like a soccer mom bro... anyway, they really have. If you want your life to get better, you can't just sit in your head and hope you can figure it all out effectively (unless you're a genius, which I am not). Self-improvement comes from first saying "Man, I need help" and then seeking it.

(here is the video on Twitter if this one does not load:

Anyway, I made this video about how trying to change people is often futile...

I hope you guys are having a brilliant day, and I love a lot of you for being here... not all of you tho... lmao. Point is, I'm psyched that I'm able to speak, and use my voice to not only help myself, but maybe inspire others to look at their own life and improve it as I do my own. We gotta live right? We have responsibilities that we can't just walk out on... so if we're going to live, how can we make the best of it? It's not a speech you give yourself, it's actual real change that you apply to your daily life to become what you dream of: An unconflicted person who actually has their shit together <3

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