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How To Stay Motivated: Updating Your Blog

I've had a number of blogs in the past that I didn't consistently update and eventually let go to waste. A question comes to mind: What is the point of starting anything if you're just going to stop doing it? The answer? Change your methods. What triggers a person to give up on their ambitions? Why would they suddenly stop doing something? We see this happen all the time, especially with things like New Years Resolutions... so how do you overcome this inclination to simply fail? To give up? To cease in your efforts and move on to another project? Let's first review the motivations for giving up:

  • You have a non-productive line of thinking that discourages you from updating.

  • You assume it doesn't matter if you update, or you feel empty when you update.

  • You don't see the results you want when you post.

  • You simply are distracted, and updating generally seems unimportant/is no longer interesting.

So the question becomes, how do you avoid this? The answer, I think is rather simple.

First off, you need to develop habits that are productive and reward your consistency with updating your blog.

Some time ago I heard a story about a man who found great wealth by motivating himself through visual stimulation. What he did was take a paper clip out of one container, and put it in another container every time he accomplished a task. When all the paper clips were out of the first container, and into the second container, he would have a sense of completion, and feel like he had truly accomplished something as he had physical proof right in front of him that it happened.

You can try this method, and it might work for you, or you could just download an app that asks you to complete tasks (normally generated by you) and when you are done with those tasks you get rewarded with visual stimulation, experience points, or other rewards.

Humans are creatures of incentive. We have to incentives ourselves to do things that we know is for our own good, otherwise, many of us just don't do it.

With this all being said, I think it would be healthy to assume there will be regular updates of this blog, and I hope this post helped you in some way.

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Unknown member
Aug 07, 2022

I was going to listen to everything backwards, and I kind of hate that idea.. lol so- here I am in the beginning of these posts. Thanks again for being motivated and sharing inspiration.


Unknown member
May 25, 2022

To stay motivated, I remind myself that everyone has a vision. Since I'm an Artist, I can say, Art has no right or wrong. I get inspiration & motivation by looking to other people who, no matter what happens in their life, they persevere. I admire people whose work shows the world that they love what they do, and in so doing, they inspire others to explore their own dreams. These are the people I look up to and follow. I am here, because I truly believe Onision is one of those people. Great advice and Blog, by the way.


Unknown member
May 24, 2022

Great advice! I have problems with staying motivated myself so thanks for posting this :)

Unknown member
May 25, 2022
Replying to

You will and you've already been posting great stuff :)

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