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I Have No Costumes

All the characters are back, and in a super weird way... lol. For a while I've wanted to do a video where I am dressed as all the Onision characters, but I'm not acting at all. To demonstrate how different my characters would be if I didn't try whatsoever... however I don't have the costumes, so it's kind of a problem huh?

In this video, I do the opposite. Instead of dressing as my characters and not acting, I don't dress like my characters, and I act... some characters are a little too close to each other in how they sound. I'll give you an example of what I mean... Richard Donnigan sounds like a chipper version of Dale. Chibi sounds like a high-pitched Vicky (almost). Vicky sounds like a high-pitched Rod Danger. Rod Danger sounds like a more flaming Onision (sometimes).

Emo Charlie? I donno... that smooth tone really makes me happy.

Anyway, long story short, here is the video:

For folks who are Immortals and Elites, I have the script ready for you... with the identities of the characters right next to their names :)

Dale: That's right guys, I'm back.

Chibi: Dale?

Dale: Yep it's me, only without a costume.

Vicky: Hi Dale! It's been so long.

Dale: Who are you?

Vicky: Your wife?

Dale: I thought I left you for banging Emo Charlie?

Emo: Who me?

Dale: Why do you look like me?

Chibi: Why do we all look like each other!?

Panda God: Because no one bought our costumes off the Amazon wish list on

Richard: Seems like that, is a problem?

Rod: Oh my god, who the fuck are you?

Richard: I'm a classic Onision character named Richa...

Rod: Just kidding don't give a fuck.

Emo: Rod Danger long time no see.

Rod: Shut up emo fuck, all of you got canceled and I'm living for it.

Emo: This is fucking stupid we need costumes.

Rod: Yeah I look like Onision and that makes me want to kill myself.


Dale: White, what the fuck.

White: What?

Dale: You can't say people are fat pieces of shit.

White: I'm saying I'm a fat piece of shit.

Dale: Yeah but some little asshole is going to watch this, assume it's about them, then blame their eating disorder on you.

White: So... I'm not a fat piece of shit?

Rod: Holy shit how poor is Onision that he needs to ask people to buy his costumes back on

Emo: Well...

Rod: Shut the fuck up Emo butt fingerer.

Emo: What?

Rod: Onision how poor are you?

Onision: What?

Rod: How broke ass are you bitch?

Onision: *stares*

Rod: Make me look different than the rest of you creepy ass predators right now or I'm going to kill myself.

Onision: Ok.

Rod: *looks different* That's not funny.

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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2023

I just got to see this just now. feels like a late birthday present since this was made on my birthday. Lol


Unknown member
Jun 17, 2022

Okay, that MADE MY NIGHT! Lmfao!! Thanks!!


Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022

Loved this!


Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022

I'll have to check out your wish list & see what You need.


Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022

Haha it is weird to see you do your characters without their costumes. At least you brought them back this way for now 😆 Great video!

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