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LeafyIsHere vs Onision (Banned Video)

So, this post is for Immortals and Elites only due to the fact that I guess it was "too hot" for YouTube, Twitter and every other site... which I don't understand because it's just a little comedy sketch with CGI characters. Anyway, I plan to post a lot more "BANNED" videos so you guys can all enjoy them... the internet is so weird sometimes. Like bro, these videos are awesome. Just accept that they're awesome, ok? Lol. What did you think? Fun and funny? The irony of this video is it's about Leafy (who I'm actually cool with and the last time he talked to me he was mutually cool) telling me I should get off the internet... and now he's not on YouTube or Twitter due to policy violations (which I thought were BS because he's funny, so take the joke).

Here it is:

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