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Onision Has NOT Returned

Update from Onision!

Some important updates.

  1. Classic Onision videos are all coming back. This includes Onision, OnisionSpeaks & UhOhBro.

  2. Many of those videos are already online now, you can find them on this very website, or

  3. Onision was royally fucked over by YouTube/Google (whoever is in charge of censoring creators there, incompetent - you don't censor people/take away the income of innocent families, based on debunked rumors by confirmed frauds who only spread lies in exchange for attention/donations/ad revenue, common fucking sense), so @Speaks @UhOhBro and @Onision uploads are not coming back. You can however check out - Which is a dope name. "Positive vibes." Where all the classic videos are also returning.

  4. New Onision music is being released periodically.

  5. The Onision (18+) is the only place anyone can now contact Onision. It serves as a great way to filter out non-fans, and ensures adults (the only people Onision is willing to talk to) are the only people who message Onision.

  6. OnisionSpeaks videos have been repeatedly verified to have helped people from no longer self-harming, preventing their suicide, promoting healthy eating, standing up for women's rights, animal rights, infant rights and helping people struggling in their marriages/relationships etc. These videos will continue to be restored to the web, because despite the wrongs people have done to Onision, he still wants to be a contribution to the world.

  7. Above all, Onision, being vindicated & a good person: He deserves to have his videos/creative content online. In 2007, Onision made a decision, he would live for 2 things (and not pull the trigger attached to the gun that was to his own head due to his overwhelming desire to not live): Thing #1, family, can't abandon them. Thing #2 making videos/music (at the time it was his spouse and YouTube, but that translates to "Family" and "videos/music" because he has now been married to a different person for over a decade and YouTube transformed into a pile of shit, as I'm sure you can agree).

  8. Part of the reason Onision has chosen to upload all the classic videos again is due to this: A security guard at Best Buy said "Have a good day, I hope you start making videos again." as Onision left the store... Onision laughed.

  9. Long story short, Onision has always loved his genuine fans, but has, for a very long time, hated most people online. Rightfully so, look what they did to an innocent man and his family, over issues that have been debunked completely for years (and were overwhelmingly, painfully obviously, baseless from the start). The amount of false rumors about Onision that have been debunked over the last couple decades is a thorough demonstration of the fact that most people are obsessive, sadistic & dishonest. They cannot be trusted, they will say anything for attention/money, and with that: Fuck ever getting to know any of them.

  10. Onision is not, and has not, been allowing any new people into his life for years. Onision's faith in people was destroyed by the horrific and disgusting smear campaign that he/his family somehow physically survived years ago. Onision, at this point, just wants to publish awesome content, and have nothing to do with anyone beyond that. Some random last notes: (1) Dr. Disrespect is an actual idiot. (2) Please don't vote literal criminals into the White House. (3) Voting independent has been, for a fact, a complete waste of time since 1792. The argument I had with Cyr, that cost us our friendship in 2016, still stands. If you vote independent, you are wasting everyone's time, abve all, your own. (4) Must watch TV shows (a) THEY BOYS (it even features a certain "reporter" lying/framing the main characters... ironic) (b) BLOOD HOUND (c) House of the Dragon (d) Squid Game... obviously (e) Family Guy (f) Rick & Morty (g) Seinfeld... lmao.

I hope you have a wonderful day. To help get you started, go here:


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