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Onision Meltdown BLOOPERS

A big question I've had for some time is... why did anyone believe the Onision meltdown videos were real? I have done TONS of Fun with Onision videos where I acted in a very similar manner, yet no one seemed to connect the dots outside a few smart ones.

So, I just got this comment... and I wanted to post this:

Yes, all the meltdown videos were fake and I made a good amount of money making them. That basically answers any questions y'all might have regarding "Why" I did them.

The reason the videos had weird titles like "why" or "no" and that's it is because YouTube will demonetize you at the slightest hint of something advertisers would not like. Like for instance, if you put the words "Eugenia Cooney" in your video title, you will likely make zero off that video. This is of course, back when I was a YouTube partner, which I am not anymore.

The videos stopped because the internet was taking the videos so seriously, that it was directly impacting my life in a negative way. I made a whole video about how I had "poopy" on my back, another video pretending I peed myself (in the video you see me pouring water into my pants... I still get peopel asking if that was real... like seriously?) and yet the internet was still pushing the idea that I was actually THAT mentally unwell, which to me, as a comedian who liked getting a rise out of people, was exciting and hilarious (made me laugh even harder making the videos) because I was amazed by how obvious I could make the joke, yet people still didn't get it. Major YouTubers even made reaction videos, completely convinced they were real. Yes, grown, adult, YouTubers, bought it. Wow.

Ultimately it was a big lesson: People see what they want to. For instance, you could show someone this blooper video, where I'm cracking up laughing, and pointing out how orchestrated it all was, pouring a pitcher of water down my pants, showing the tent in my garage where I faked living in a tent, and they will look at you with a dead facial expression and tell you it was all real. This is why religion exists, this is why cults exist, once people buy into their beliefs, it's game over.

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