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Onision Meltdown Videos (Part 1)

The Onision meltdown videos were incredibly fun to make. They primarily started with the Fun With Onision series, but people didn't seem to connect the dots that a lot of times, in the Fun With Onision series, I was acting the exact same as I was in the Onision Meltdown series. That was your biggest clue that I was doing it all for views, and to make an ass out of my viewers. I was able to achieve both goals.

People made reaction videos to my meltdown videos as if they were real. People whose gullible fans thought they were credible/intelligent YouTubers... nope. I proved they all were just empty-headed simpletons who only cared about making money off the supposed pain of others, nothing more.

This is the video proving all the meltdown videos were fake: And for those of you who are Immortal and Elite members of this site, quite a few of the original meltdown videos are right here for you, enjoy:

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