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Onision Rating Videos: The Popular Lie

There's a really popular lie that I ever had any interest in rating people who were not adults. YouTubers (primarily) willfully, intentionally and maliciously ignored my repeated statements and board rules of adults only.

The problem with lying is that it often catches up with you, the evidence surfaces, and then what? You SHOULD have no credibility from that point on, but people who lie are used to thinking on their feet, as they are experienced in improvisation via regularly evolving their lies in attempts to make them make sense. Well... I know this doesn't really matter, I've been gaslit into a state of not even being human anymore... but I appreciate standing by the truth, that has value to me, so I post this anyway:

Long story short, the people who have stood by me since the beginning, they know I appreciate them. It's really sad how people can take limited information and draw conclusions about a person entirely, knowing they're ignorant and not caring, but maybe, eventually, people will be consistently canceled for confirmed false canceling others, and not canceled for things that are not only unconfirmed, but blatantly overlooked. Honesty matters... truth wins. That's my belief system.

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