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Onision: Strong & True

Honesty has been pretty important to me my whole life... this is because when lies are even imagined in my mind, I often feel bad. The closest I've come to lying in the last decade is saying that I'm "ok" when I'm technically not ok (1. don't want to make it other people's problem 2. don't want to get into it). Even so, I've nearly eliminated even that gray area, leaving me with just the truth, and it is a welcome resident in my mind. With that being said, there's this video:

Has anyone ever misrepresented you? Tried to make you look really bad?

I would be mad about it, but it's kinda been too long. At some point you have to look at what has happened to you and say "It's done, I can't change what people said or think, so how can I make the best of it?" - My answer? Make peace with the fact that a lot of people do not value the truth. Don't expect them to change their minds, but still, speak the truth, and try to do so in a pleasant way, because doing otherwise will only hurt yourself, and those who feel your vibe.

Anyway, hope you guys have a lovely day. Life can be shit sometimes, but hey, we're livin.

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