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The Comedian's Obsession with Critics

Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart and numerous other comedians have something in common: They all give stage time to critics.

Let's all take a moment to ask ourselves... why?

First off, here is the incentive they might feel in talking about cancel culture, critics and generally stuff that upsets them:

1. People might relate with what they're saying, and enjoy their show more. Just feels more "real" to some.

2. It lets them vent, blow off some steam, and essentially get paid to do what they would be doing in a therapists' office anyway.

3. Drama often sells. If comedians did not talk about critics, the critics would not be as motivated to spread their message (mind you, distorted & out of context) as well as generally acknowledge the existence of their new special. 4. It's easy to discuss what upsets you. It's the low-hanging fruit of comedy.

Now, of course, the disadvantages...

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