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What I Did Today...

Every day I have an agenda packed full of priorities... today, I got through my list, and last on the agenda was working on a video... yesterday I made the song about love, only, twisted brother loving his sister love, which is, just warped comedy. Today? I recorded that video.

I used to push out one to three videos a day, and that was way back when I rarely hung out with friends or family... I just dedicated the bulk of my life, to my audience and making money through my creative works... well, fuck that shit right?\

People who spend their every waking hour making money often times look back on their lives and say "What the fuck did I do??" - Yes, they have a dollar sign next to their name on some billionaires only App on their golden phones but where's the actual blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Anyway, you get the point.

So three days? Yeah, I expect I can turn something around that I'm proud of in three days and still have a life.

My goal is two days, but today was kinda fucked up...

Long story short, here's a picture from the shoot... I need makeup bro. Haha. I got black lipstick thanks to someone hitting up my wishlist, but oh boy, oh boy man, female characters just don't sell as well with this face... hahaha.

So I'm off to take a bath and wash this lipstick off. Have a lovely, whatever today is <3

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