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  1. If I post this here to the Onision Forums... will it automatically update my Twitter? Testing! πŸ˜›

    sexy perfect loops GIF

  2. Yeah, I wonder why they want us to marry people from Asia and Russia so bad πŸ˜›
  3. When you post your status updates to Twitter, it can automatically update your status's here! All you gotta do is go into your account settings and click on the Twitter option! Please let me know if this works for you!
  4. Yeah... I’m not even to a thousand yet sooo... it’s a big accomplishment.
  5. Did a lot of forum update cool stuff! Hope you check it out 😊

  6. Do you see what I do? It looks like something is in between them out of the corner of my eye... had to look twice.
  7. Gay pride = Being proud of being gay. System pride =
  8. @DAng3l666 Members with 1,000+ posts will all get that ability. As well as signatures.

  9. Like this one? https://www.onision.com/discover/unread/ Or you mean like news about my life?
  10. Top members on this site have the exclusive ability to promote their social media, their YouTube channels & more! Free for top posters, also exclusive to patrons, funders & YouTube members! (this section was requested by a member!) Go start a new topic!
  11. Once you hit 1,000 posts you will: 1. Gain access to all downloads (free) 2. Get custom signature access. 3. Display name change access. 4. Top Member Exclusive Forum Access 5. New Top Member group classification. And more 😊 This was suggested by a forum member. I listened.
  12. Start posting polls! I think everyone can do it!
  13. They should call it what it is if they are proud of it.
  14. I'm glad you asked this question, and I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to answer it... If a person is racist, everything they do is racist. If a person is not racist, nothing they do is racist. Yes, it is that simple. If a black women says she hates white people, but everyone knows she doesn't really and that she is joking, she is not racist for saying what she said. She is only racist, if she is actually racist. That is all. Context & intention are everything. Like an actor playing a white supremacist in a movie, they are not racist, they are playing a character. A person putting a mud mask on, only if they are racist, is what they're doing racist.
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