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    Requested by UhOhBananaMime 🙂


  2. Quote


    Happy Fathers Day Onision. I hope you have a really good one!  

  3. Happy Father’s Day Bud!

  4. No one actually talks to me to verify what they say... I mean, I think Repzilla reached out (his name is literally Repzilla) he's the emo looking blonde guy... anyway, I think he asked me a question, and Edwin did as well, but every other channel literally just makes assumptions and presents it as if it's credible... really sad anyone takes them seriously considering how speculative it all is.
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    A free animated GIF pack of Onision guys 😄


  6. I felt the need to inform you I’m having trouble keeping my Youtube account subscribed to you. When I log in to see what you’ve uploaded for the day, it shows I’m NOT subscribed to you anymore. So I have to resubscribe to your channel. This has happened 3 times so far. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but thought it was worth noting.  

    1. The3BsPlease


      Oh & I thought it was cool to have the selective outrage bit in there. 😃

  7. What is going on Patreon tonight should make a lot of you happy.
  8. 4 downloads



  9. Those videos are demoted these days I think.
  10. I'd love to and already have 😛
  11. I kinda did this 🙂 If ya Google it.
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