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  1. Yeah... poll seems pretty conclusive 😛
  2. The police who are local to her area, I mean, she is committing a crime if this is really happening.
  3. I think that conspiracies aren't very helpful normally.
  4. Glad you like my stuff 🙂 Thanks for posting here!
  5. You do, but it's alluring. I wouldn't say devil, I'd say you're up to something though.
  6. If you know someone is sleeping with their dog, you should call the police.
  7. Please vote n the new poll I started in the poll booth forum! Thank you!

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    2. Onryouji


      Got an email, came back to do the poll then I’m off again to my social media exile lmao 

    3. Miss_Heezy
    4. WhatAmI
  8. I need your help deciding the future of my Patreon, please vote to let me know what would make you happiest!
  9. What’s great are the memes that came out of this.
  10. Have a good night guys :)

  11. Oh my gosh! Well... I donno... even that tattoo I don't necessarily think should be a regret. You are who you are,… https://t.co/ysscbQx3up

  12. I really like my Do Not Engage tattoo.

    Side note: Your entire twitter is dedicated to talking about me. Please see… https://t.co/GTkmD39krc

  13. Thanks for being an Onision fan. I know it's hard to deal with me at times because I like speaking my mind even whe… https://t.co/mwyrbKxRou

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