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  1. Onision

    What Were You Doing?

    (quoted from another user on the previous forum)
  2. I seriously thought we'd have flying cars by now.
  3. Onision

    The "I Never" Game

    I never failed English class.
  4. Onision

    Made Some New Icons

    I made some icons for each member group on this site 🙂 You guys like them? You can see them to the left, under your avatars. What I did is took a stock template and modified it to have better text/colors.
  5. Onision

    Do You See Ads on This Site?

    A new benefit of being a Former Funder, Patreon Member, Staff &/or YouTube Member has come up. This site needs consistent funding, so Guests & Regular members will see ads, but the other members will not see ads. This, I feel, will multiply the lifespan of the site 🙂 Hope all you unaffected folk feel special 😄
  6. Onision

    Introduce Yourself

    I like how useful shovels are. I like fresh air. I like eating vegetarian Tacos. My name is Greg, who are you?
  7. Onision

    Recommend Netflix Shows!

    Here are some netflix shows I recommend: (not all made by netflix, but should be on there) 1. YOU 2. The Last Kingdom 3. Better Call Saul 4. Breaking Bad 5. Death Note (anime) 6. Full Metal Alchemist
  8. What do you most love/need in a partner? I love/need them to have a good heart.
  9. Onision

    What are you addicted to?

    I drink tea regularly 😋 Not exactly addicted. Also drink Zevia. What are you addicted to?
  10. Who do you think is the most attractive video game character? Post a picture of that game character!
  11. Right now I'm working on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Kingdom Hearts III - How about you?
  12. Onision

    What phone do you use?

    I have one of the more recent iPhones. I like their OS/interface. Awesome phone 📱
  13. Onision

    (Advice Needed) Free forum creation

    Take a look at http://proboards.com - I think that is the site that hosts onision.co for free.
  14. Onision

    Most Attractive Video Game Character

    So many dudes 😛 With girly hair 😄 Right up my alley.
  15. Onision

    What phone do you use?

    What do you like most about it?
  16. Onision


    Huh... yeah, the weather here is getting much better. Got my cars unstuck from the snow yesterday.
  17. Onision

    I can't make a status on here - what to do?

    Should be enabled now... right?
  18. Onision

    Why ddlg is unsafe

    Here is a theory... I think (1) Most all men are into that for the WRONG reasons. (2) I think most all women are into that because they simply feel comfortable/happy in that space. Translation: I have no real issue with people who go into little space. I have issue with the guys you described however.
  19. Onision

    Just curious!

    Cool! Glad you have something to help you with that.
  20. Out of all the websites online... which one do you spend the most time on? I'm mostly on YouTube, Twitter, Patreon.com, Amazon.com & here... Onision.com You?
  21. Onision

    The Gender Debate

    People say there are only two genders... my question is, where do agender people come in? You know, the lack of a gender? Also, what do you think of genders people identify as outside boy or girl?
  22. My gender is... guyish, so, pretty much generic cis. My partner preference is kind of focused on the person more than the body ~ But personality aside, I'm naturally attracted to people with parts opposing mine ~ I'm not really into my own physical configuration/people who look like me ~ Anyway, what are you?
  23. I would like these forums to feel like a safe place for people... what do you think the rules should be?

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