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  1. When you are an entertainer, you have every reason to be more entertaining that you usually are... basically if expressing something can be done in a more entertaining way, people often do because they are rewarded.
  2. No not at all... the howl when they think they're home alone though.
  3. 0 downloads

    This has 50 Onision songs on it... I know, insane.


  4. 54 downloads

    Out of appreciate for Blasian, this download is free to download for the moment.


  5. Some people literally still live in huts... without electricity etc ~ So I guess we're lucky.
  6. Really really dumb songs 😛 Haha... (not yours, just songs I gotta listen to right now)
  7. Just now saw this 😛 Guess I read your mind or something.
  8. 2 downloads

    Brand new song made for the new love doll video 🙂


  9. 4 downloads

    Requested by UhOhBananaMime 🙂


  10. No one actually talks to me to verify what they say... I mean, I think Repzilla reached out (his name is literally Repzilla) he's the emo looking blonde guy... anyway, I think he asked me a question, and Edwin did as well, but every other channel literally just makes assumptions and presents it as if it's credible... really sad anyone takes them seriously considering how speculative it all is.
  11. 10 downloads

    A free animated GIF pack of Onision guys 😄


  12. What is going on Patreon tonight should make a lot of you happy.
  13. 4 downloads



  14. Those videos are demoted these days I think.
  15. I'd love to and already have 😛
  16. I kinda did this 🙂 If ya Google it.
  17. Mmm... all I need is a potato costume 😛
  18. I'm not sure... is it the clever bot one?
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