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  1. dev cildrahus

    Fun with onision?

    I was going to say, I’ve missed these. And also, I can no longer seem to find #20, which was one of your best in my opinion.
  2. dev cildrahus

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    I am double jointed in both thumbs and I suspect in my shoulders and hips since I can dislocate and relocate them at will. I also have a third nipple (it's very small and most think it's a mole). I have dimples in both cheeks which are said to be an inexplicable abnormality...
  3. dev cildrahus

    What are you addicted to?

    coffee for sure, well, espresso to be exact
  4. dev cildrahus

    Best Roses Are Red Poems

    "Roses are Red, My Name is Dave, This Poem Makes No Sense, Microwave."
  5. dev cildrahus

    how do you feel towards your ex(es)?

    Mostly I've moved on. Occasionally I'll think about my favorite sexual encounters with some of them when I'm, ummmmm, doing things solo. For the most part I never think about them.
  6. dev cildrahus

    What is the dumbest sport?

    I would say Golf, but it's not on the list so I went with the next most lamest thing...
  7. dev cildrahus

    Favorite Video Game?

    Sims4 right now...I got the "Get Famous" pack and I can't stop!!!
  8. dev cildrahus

    Most Attractive Video Game Character

    I find Connor from "Detroit Become Human" extremely attractive...
  9. dev cildrahus

    Places you've traveled to!

    Born in Memphis, TN Raised in New England Lived Abroad for 1.5 years in Europe from 16 to 19 (Mostly in Germany) Stayed in Philippines for 2 Months for work, Manila mostly, but I got to travel to Tagaytay to see the Taal Volcano, which was cool. Everywhere else was leisure and vacation, except NYC, Denver, and San Francisco, those were all for work.
  10. dev cildrahus

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    I find labels restricting and marginalizing. I am a living organism that prefers the company of other living organisms. One can not help who they love/like/lust after...I usually gravitate toward "cis males", though I hate to refer to it as thus as this pigeon holes perspective mates and at the same time narrows and restricts my options when ascribing to specific preferences.
  11. dev cildrahus

    Post A GIF Replying To The Last GIF

  12. dev cildrahus

    Post A GIF Replying To The Last GIF

  13. dev cildrahus

    Who Is Your Closest Family Member?

    three top favorites, incidentally I relate to them most 1. Chris (My Boo) 2. Papa (my dad) 3. Ben (My older brother)
  14. dev cildrahus

    Ask A question to the person below

    @LizardQueen My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns, though I like anything without chocolate (I am allergic) What's your earliest memory?

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