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  1. Maybe do a “Freaky Friday” inspired sketch where two of your most antithetical characters switch bodies and hilarity ensues.
  2. The language of Roe V. Wade stipulates that abortions can NOT be prohibited at the state level up to the third trimester. The basis of this decision being “viability” of a fetus before the third trimester. “Viable” is defined as the fetus being developed enough to survive outside the womb. Most of the verbiage of the bill asserts that it seeks to protect women’s privacy and health as well as prenatal health and the right for a woman to choose what happens with her body but that it is not absolute, meaning they determined that abortions could be prohibited at the third trimester on a state level. Additionally it stipulates that states may pass regulatory restrictions on abortions performed during second trimester if it was necessary to preserve maternal and prenatal health. There are no exceptions to the prohibition during third trimester unless the pregnancy jeopardizes the life of the mother. Hyde amendment is a joint part of this in that is was attached afterward to stipulate that no federal funds would be used to cover the cost of abortion with exception of endangerment to the mother’s life, R●●●, or incest. That being said, states can try to sign whatever bill they want. If it overturns any part of Roe V. Wade it will not get past the Supreme Court meaning it will never be enforceable. As to the whole “cluster of cells” thing, that’s definitely someone’s misinterpretation or outright laziness when it comes to the actual language used in Roe V Wade. If anyone actually read it they would understand it’s more about protecting the PRIVACY, health and lives of women with added provisions to ensure that prenatal health is also protected (i.e. prohibiting abortion entirely at the third trimester when a fetus is considered “viable”). Personally I feel outraged because these bill signings are clearly political ploys aimed to increase support from voters already forming the base that supports these politicians as well as they are aimed to smear political opponents. These politicians know damn well that the bill will never get through the Supreme Court and that it’s contents will never be enforced as law. Yet they and the media will push it in everyone’s faces and spin it to the point where women everywhere are scared to death they’ll be thrown in jail or put to death just for having a miscarriage. When that happens we should all revolt because then we officially live in a fascist dictatorship. It’s never going to happen though, it’s a bluff meant to bolster political campaigns for the upcoming elections. These politicians clearly don’t give a rats ass about any of us, and especially not women in general or they would not stoop to such lows merely for their own gain.
  3. I was going to say, I’ve missed these. And also, I can no longer seem to find #20, which was one of your best in my opinion.
  4. I am double jointed in both thumbs and I suspect in my shoulders and hips since I can dislocate and relocate them at will. I also have a third nipple (it's very small and most think it's a mole). I have dimples in both cheeks which are said to be an inexplicable abnormality...
  5. coffee for sure, well, espresso to be exact
  6. "Roses are Red, My Name is Dave, This Poem Makes No Sense, Microwave."
  7. Mostly I've moved on. Occasionally I'll think about my favorite sexual encounters with some of them when I'm, ummmmm, doing things solo. For the most part I never think about them.
  8. I would say Golf, but it's not on the list so I went with the next most lamest thing...
  9. Sims4 right now...I got the "Get Famous" pack and I can't stop!!!
  10. I find Connor from "Detroit Become Human" extremely attractive...
  11. I find labels restricting and marginalizing. I am a living organism that prefers the company of other living organisms. One can not help who they love/like/lust after...I usually gravitate toward "cis males", though I hate to refer to it as thus as this pigeon holes perspective mates and at the same time narrows and restricts my options when ascribing to specific preferences.
  12. three top favorites, incidentally I relate to them most 1. Chris (My Boo) 2. Papa (my dad) 3. Ben (My older brother)
  13. Thanks for the sentiment @Kai, that's very sweet of you. I'm 35 so yeah, I've been around long enough to experience a fair share of heartache. The three mentioned above are from a long time ago. I found my soulmate a few months after Mr. Psycho. We have been in a long, loving and wonderful relationship for over 6 years now and next month we're moving into the house we just bought. Things did get a lot better. I guess I should have maybe thrown that in here after all my negative stories so at least others would know to keep their chin up if they're going through rough times. Everything passes in time. I've always appreciated Boethius' philosophy when it comes to interpretation of history of events/time/fortune; "It's my belief that history is a wheel. "Inconsistency is my very essence" -says the wheel- "Rise up on my spokes if you like, but don't complain when you are cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it is also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away".
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