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  1. Celery Amy

    What's your gender

  2. Celery Amy

    What is most important in a partner?

    :v is anybody else here latina?
  3. Celery Amy

    What is most important in a partner?

    I need to feel like they're special, find in them something I don't find in anybody else. And I need them to love me and put me first. I need them to have me in their mind and want to be with me.
  4. Celery Amy


  5. Celery Amy

    What if

    What if the face doesn't want to shit on my forehead and it's being forced to and that's why it's sad? ):-C
  6. Celery Amy

    Onision! Please make this video!

    I really liked that video you made roasting yourself, it was hillarious when you were like "shut up" and kept dancing to the song. I like when you make videos opposing your side, like that pro-christianism video and those 2 videos of Emo Charlie speaking against your cutting videos. You're gonna get roasted for this but you should keep reacting to yourself, it really was good content.
  7. Celery Amy

    What kind of anime do you guys like to watch?

    I watched the ppgz That's about it.
  8. Celery Amy

    Opinions needed

    You are doing the right thing, the kids can't defend themselves and you're saving them from a life of abuse and being completely socially and intellectually disabled. The cops won't take your kids because they are fine physically, mentally and intellectually and they will hug you and they will cry if they try to take them away, so they'll realise they're fine with you. Your face projects no evil, they will notice that you are a good mother. Don't worry, and save those children.
  9. Celery Amy

    The Gender Debate

    Non-binary isn't always agender, sometimes it's somewhere in the spectrum, leaning towards one of the 2 genders
  10. Celery Amy

    The Gender Debate

    Exactly, for most people it doesnt work that way, you see a hot girl in a magazine and get turned on without knowing anything about her. But for a minority of people it does work that way, just like a small minority of people can't be attracted to anyone. They're odd sexualities but yeah, they're their own thing. It does suck that people think bisexuals would only date cis people. The difference is I can hate someone and still think they're hot even though I would never date them. But yeah, we need to clear up to society that bisexuality does include dating genderqueer people.
  11. Celery Amy

    Onision Characters

    I mean, and the other difference in he's a drama queen and glamourises depression
  12. Celery Amy

    Onision Characters

    Why are you emo charlie? I'm probably Emo Charlie because of episodes like when he's talking about blackface or 10 things I hate about meat eaters because he sounds like an intelligent person who's constantly trying to make sense of the world, and I love emo fashion and gore (gore on a tv/phone screen only). The difference between him and me is he whispers everything and I'm more like Chibi Derf in terms of his happy energy
  13. Celery Amy


    Some people say asexuality is not lgbt. What is your opinion?
  14. Celery Amy

    The Gender Debate

    And yeah, idk why some people list "trans" as a gender, that's obviously not a gender, wtf
  15. Celery Amy

    The Gender Debate

    Exactly but gender is not a choice

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