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  1. I can totally visualize Vicky XD
  2. I littereally have never heard of them so agree
  3. There was a video of Onision talking to a s●● bot. I can't find it but I don't remember what it was called. The one talking to Siri and the one of the bots admiting to rsping animals are hillarious too, you should make more of that. Does anyone know what the video I'm talking about is called?
  4. Do you thing it is morally ok to have s●● with random people?
  5. Someone has to agree
  6. Does anybody else look at Greg's blonde friend and just thinks of Bob Bryar?
  7. I had seen this topic long ago but it's the first time I open it. Wtf XD
  8. Question, if you were to kiss that person, would it be cheating? :V
  9. To me, it depends on weather you mean what you're saying. I love s●●ist / racist jokes but if they reflec that you realistically view a race or s●● as inferior, then I have a problem. Or if it reflects that you actually are insensitive to a person's struggles (you can also make jokes about a certain issue without actually being insensitive to people's struggle with it irl)
  10. He used that character often in the early days
  11. This topic is a joke but I wanna see your guys's reactions
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