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  1. Hi guys.. i really don’t know how to approach this. At all. I guess I’ll start at the beginning.. im a 17 year old bi girl and ive been with my girlfriend (18) for the past 2 or so years. we’ve known each other since about middle school? shes a blessing, shes my rock and shes helped me through the roughest patches of my life.. a few weeks ago she came out as trans ftm to me. he cried the whole time and i just..i didnt know what to do, and i tried to comfort him and everything. he asked me if i would leave him and i said no .. yesterday he brought up the idea of hormone therapy and surgery, and when he did i just..froze. he noticed i was out of it and i told him i had to go home.. hes been texting me since then but i just dont know how to respond. I feel awful but my heart knows this is wrong i love her (him?) so much but i cant go on like this. i dont know how to break it to him that i cant be into him any longer and that as harsh as it sounds, theres no future i can have with him.. i just don’t wanna date trans people and i feel so horrible and wrong about it and i wish i could change my mind, ive tried so hard please help
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