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  1. I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere I’m 18 and confused about my sexuality and appearance? I like to dress like a boy. But I love to dress fairly feminine. I think I might be pans? Hi I’m me, slightly salty and I don’t like toes.
  2. Question. Do you consider collaborating with people again?
  3. I just wanna be the maid who gets food/cooks also not just any maid I would like to keep my makeup and style😬 honestly would love to take care of them so cute🔥
  4. I’m 18. June 25 2000. 19 next june😳
  5. June 25 2000. I’m turning 19 next June. 😋
  6. I’m 18 I though it meant only 18 yr olds? Damn have to change that
  7. I think I’m a Narcissist With scociopathic /tendencies/ . I’m one sick bunny 🔞 but I’m one hell of a personality. Ugh so much fun😏
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