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  1. BeSpok3n

    Two Truths And A Lie

    I think your lie is... you visiting 48 out of 50 states?? If it's not then.. that's fricking awesome. And unfortunately... the bike one is true. It really hurt, I just cried... on the sharp...unforgiving and hard sidewalk. Cars passed by and asked me if I was okay, but I couldn't even respond bc of the pain in my legs. After about a week, I was fine. The lie was the sculpting and painting. I've been painting for 2 years. I never pursued or liked sculpting after highschool, so I just stuck to painting. ^_^
  2. BeSpok3n

    Two Truths And A Lie

    2T, 1L... I'm so ready lol I had cosmetic surgery done 2x when I was four I flipped off a brake less bike when I fifteen and sprained both ankles I've been sculpting and doing ceramics for two years along with my acrylic paintings and digi arts.
  3. BeSpok3n

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello! I'm Myrita! I'm a college student, small artist, cosplayer and a lover of anime! I run a small business and just got my first collab. I'm hoping to expand my small business and make friends along the way! I love making new friends and trying new things! ^_^

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