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  1. No this painful nose pimple isn't driving me crazy. https://t.co/T3DHhX9dAR

  2. Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte. @threadbanger

  3. @Episode What the ever loving mthr fck!?

  4. @hlovesglitter @grav3yardgirl Same

  5. @grav3yardgirl That is why I wear lace bralettes. Even though I wear 38E.

  6. @nailogical https://t.co/hiu9z0nONa

  7. RT @BjornLomborg: You must reuse an organic cotton shopping bag 20,000 times before it will have less climate damage than a plastic bag.

  8. This has @threadbanger written all over it. https://t.co/QnaMNTDuLj

  9. @TomatoBisquette https://t.co/553CXCq9gK

  10. @Lifesum How to eat carbs? Dont, easy peasy.

  11. @TomatoBisquette Mmmm soggy chips

  12. RT @showerfeelings: Water is pretty crazy, it can boil you to death, freeze you to death, and drown you but you still need it to survive.

  13. @nailogical What in the cat clock is going on here?

  14. @nailogical https://t.co/t8myqepI6I

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