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  1. @gusspeaks @TomatoBisquette I second this

  2. @denvernews Oh gotdangit that's tomorrow! https://t.co/nUG2eZEE93

  3. @Onision I only lie when.....Never. There is freedom in truth and I enjoy being free.

  4. @CaptainSchwifty Should I be offended?

  5. @CKarousel https://t.co/6Nctr4Ox1p

  6. @CKarousel Do phone games count? If so, word games and Dragon Mania Legends. @RealDragonML

  7. Hiking. I love me some up hill until my thighs burn and I cant walk the next day.
  8. @safiyajn I just did that after reading your tweet so now I'm going to HawkQuest here in CO.

  9. @MaMarymess @Onision 5 mins outside and I get the moon burn. Dangit.

  10. I need a nap. Luckily I can totally take one now. See you 12 hours. 😴


    1. The3BsPlease


      It must be nice to be bare faced & BEAUTIFUL! UGH!!! 😩😒😍🖤

    2. misspurdy06


      So when are we getting married then? Lol

    3. The3BsPlease


      When you come to TN 🥰🖤🖤

  11. My upstairs neighbors rendition of Stomp needs work. Normally I wouldn't encourage more noise but this is awful.

  12. @TomatoBisquette https://t.co/m3PXRCcmEo

  13. @Onision How'd you know I was a little burnt? lol

  14. When I was a hormonal teenager, yeah. Now that I'm a hormonal adult my energy is focused elsewhere. Gotta channel that energy for good.
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