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  1. People (mostly men, okay only men) say I have "devious eyes" or "devil" or like "I'm up to no good eyes" do I just look mean or?
  2. I fully give no fcks about any of my ex's. I dont try to be friends with them because they were a past life. I've moved on, they've probably moved on. Move forward not backward.
  3. Went outside to move my trees. Visibility is very low. 


  4. It has begun

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    2. misspurdy06


      Our power is flickering. 

    3. misspurdy06


      The winds are pretty high. Do you have battery back ups? I've been charging mine.

    4. misspurdy06


      The power flickering is getting closer together. 😟

  5. There's a "bomb cyclone" about to drop on Denver metro area. Right now it's an unusual 42°f and creepy quiet. All of the schools and lots of businesses are closed tomorrow.  A blizzard warning in effect. 🙏🙏🙏

  6. I am an unusual person.

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