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  1. @HeyItsKaitlind I meant "wish" not "with" dang autocorrect.

  2. @HeyItsKaitlind Most quadruped's legs are roughly the same length. She enjoys pretending to be a quadruped...

  3. Maybe stick to Beyond Meat.
  4. @HeyItsKaitlind How much does she with her arms and legs were the same length?

  5. @safiyajn Cool story bro

  6. @safiyajn Earl Grey is superior.

  7. @CKarousel Totally Random: My garlic honey flavored coffee is surprisingly good.
    I make fermented garlic in… https://t.co/7p53sGytaX

  8. @TomatoBisquette Ketones?

  9. RT @FreeMemesKids: 😂 https://t.co/JobcO47zYw

  10. @Angels_Founder Some kind of beetle?

  11. RT @FINALLEVEL: Movie Review: John Wick PARABELLUM Crazy GunFu, Wild Knife fight.... I’m a fan of franchise. FLTG Approved!

  12. RT @Caerage: About 11 months on a zero #carnivore diet.
    What is really wonderful are the little things. Like being able to squat or kneel a…

  13. @simplybenlogica And now you feel great?

  14. RT @nailogical: This is inCREDIBLE holy holo smokes 💥💞 https://t.co/BL7ffVssRO

  15. @ChairFabulous @nailogical @simplybenlogica Holy holo art batman that fantastic!

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