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  1. I got mugged at an ATM once. I stupidly fought back. Chipped my front teeth. Another time that competes with that is me and my sister were in a verbal argument on our way home from a store. She swung and hit me in the face with her bag that had shampoo and conditioner bottle and broke the S●●● out of my nose. Knocked loose a blot clot while she was at it and I bled so much there was a puddle on the ground and a whole roll of paper towels somebody handed me from a nearby store got soaked. It was a river of blood from my nose.
  2. Thank you. I didnt know there were different dialects of oof.
  3. I used arctic fox purple rain. It rubbed off on everything lol I did the same shampoo, blow dry, 6 hours for Arctic Fox.
  4. I shampoo then blow dry, comb the dye through until it's frothy, leave in for about 6 hours. I'm pretty hardcore with it. For me its gotta last. That method on my hair makes it last long enough that the only reason I re-color is to touch up regrowth. My natural haircolor is mossy light ash brown that's so ashy it's almost green.
  5. No wonder people stare at me in public. I look like a day walking vampire. In a pasty pale way.


  6. Bad lighting and my eyelashes are turning white but it's a good shot of my hair. Just used Manic Panic InfraRed
  7. Cedarwood Atlas is my jam. I like to put it in my homemade facial mist. I also put some I'm my conditioner.
  8. Right now I love going to Panorama Park. Named for its panoramic view of the mountains.
  9. Eye lost 3lbs. That makes 30 since mid December. 


    1. TwylaJane


      Keep up the good work! ❤️

    2. misspurdy06@gmail.com


      Thank you I will definitely keep going. Milestone: I gotta get a new corset now. My current one is too big OMG.

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