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  1. Thank you. I didnt know there were different dialects of oof.
  2. I used arctic fox purple rain. It rubbed off on everything lol I did the same shampoo, blow dry, 6 hours for Arctic Fox.
  3. I shampoo then blow dry, comb the dye through until it's frothy, leave in for about 6 hours. I'm pretty hardcore with it. For me its gotta last. That method on my hair makes it last long enough that the only reason I re-color is to touch up regrowth. My natural haircolor is mossy light ash brown that's so ashy it's almost green.
  4. No wonder people stare at me in public. I look like a day walking vampire. In a pasty pale way.


  5. Bad lighting and my eyelashes are turning white but it's a good shot of my hair. Just used Manic Panic InfraRed
  6. Cedarwood Atlas is my jam. I like to put it in my homemade facial mist. I also put some I'm my conditioner.
  7. Right now I love going to Panorama Park. Named for its panoramic view of the mountains.
  8. Eye lost 3lbs. That makes 30 since mid December. 


    1. TwylaJane


      Keep up the good work! ❤️

    2. misspurdy06@gmail.com


      Thank you I will definitely keep going. Milestone: I gotta get a new corset now. My current one is too big OMG.

  9. Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp
  10. My fraternal twin sister incase anyone was curious. 


  11. At first I was afraid of the responses to my post about my loss. Our whole family's loss really. Not that I thought anyone would be cruel. More like, it's more really real when other people know. But, I think I needed to put it out there and face it on another level to heal more. 


    Thank you to everyone who responded. Sorry if it made you sad. I dont know what it is about sharing pain that helps, but I'm glad I did.


    Thanks again.

    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      Try not to be sorry.  I do a lot of sad, depressing topics myself anywhere really.  To respond is no problem really on my end.  Acceptance is important.  You don't have to live a way of quiet suffering.  I think the world has to be perfected from these problems first before we truly move on.  True, we can take breaks like having happy times every once in a while like having Gatorade breaks after playing a lot basketball bought from a kiosk...although that's just how I feel the world is right now and that's the priorities we should be doing now I we can as a human race if not maintain such ways as best we can until the right leaders go to such doors and activate the harmonies after such quests and processes in going after personally.  Authenticity and harmony is important these days and going about it the right ways with the humble universe is I know the way to go with me personally.  This pain we have we share...and it is invisible, but we should always keep trying.  Keep yourself in good spirits.

  12. Definitely the creepy kid videos. Like the shot in the butt ones. This ones fckn creepy
  13. I don't grow much body hair so I dont care really. My sister never even developed armpit hair. Lucky bitch.
  14. *Trigger warning* What I am about to say is not easy and some may find difficult to read. In late April of 2018 I lost/had to end a pregnancy at 20 weeks. The whole time I was pregnant I knew something was wrong. I had to take progesterone to support the pregnancy. I was very stressed and in pain from about the 12 week. I started feel a lot of pressure in my pelvis. I could never completely empty my bladder. Near the end every move I made hurt. I was leaking fluid. I went in for an anatomy scan. The tech had a hard time seeing everything. My fluid was low. My regular OB wasn't in so I saw another doctor. She was nice. I asked her to do a swab and to look at my cervix. I had had problems before. As soon as she looked she had a grave look on her face. She said the amniotic sac was bulging through my very thin slightly open cervix. I have IC (incompetent cervix) She sent us to labor and delivery right away at the hospital. They did another scan and told me it was a girl. I consented to an amniocentesis (a very thin needle into the amniotic sac to extract fluid to test.) The preliminary tests showed there was an intrauterine infection. The sac and baby had a severe infection. An infection so severe the doctors told me the baby wouldn't servive. And that if we didnt abort now both me and the baby would die. They scheduled the surgery for early in the morning. They gave me a valium so I could sleep that night. I said goodbye to my baby. I wanted her. I named her April Rose. The doctor gave me a paper with her tiny footprints. It still hurts a lot. Thanks for reading.
  15. 2 steps forward 1 step back 

  16. Current flavor of the week is Half Moon Run
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