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  1. I'm cleaning my apartment because the apartment managment people have chimney inspection people coming to inspect chimneys to see if they need cleaning.
  2. @CKarousel No, I have fun walking to the store and getting my coffee supplies.

  3. @CaptainSchwifty @Onision https://t.co/4KwlnRvW2f

  4. RT @spicyyynuggets: Earth day tips:
    🌎shid in ur yard
    🌎Pis in ur shower
    🌎Horse n buggy ur 45 min commute to work
    🌎Get blasted into space…

  5. RT @Psych_USA: We do #Easter pineapples around here. 🍍🐰 #PsychTheMovie2 https://t.co/4R4FGJJbMP

  6. @threadbanger Pie shot glasses?

  7. @threadbanger Pancake shot glass?

  8. Trying to get used to the bangs and banish high school flashbacks. High school being the last time I had bangs. https://t.co/vV5ZDdgL7J

  9. RT @JOKERACN7: @jordanbpeterson As an Iranian, who's witnessing the oppression of women on daily basis, I find it quite pathetic that weste…

  10. @CaptainSchwifty https://t.co/HGDkST00A3

  11. @TomatoBisquette https://t.co/24PJseFhyq

  12. I did a thing. With scissors. https://t.co/qu9yon7sot

  13. @CaptainSchwifty IDFK.

  14. @spicyyynuggets Cat

  15. RT @sdashtgard: The mud volcanoes and ponds near Kaohsiung are really cool! https://t.co/UrHJsvHC4F

  16. @grav3yardgirl Present! https://t.co/JusbVHpekJ

  17. RT @elonmusk: The Internet is insane

  18. No better time than now. Global poverty is down, more freedoms than ever, especially in the USA. I'm not saying there ain't strife, war, and suffering. I'm just saying most of the world knows how to use a computer and has a portion of the population dealing with obesity. Talk about abundance. No way I'm going back in time and watching people take sht. Then wipe their buttholes with their hands and then getting water out of the town water pump. Then dump said poop in the Thames. You can thank Bjorn Lomborg for my views and opinions. πŸ˜‰
  19. 🎡I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight 🎢

  20. @grav3yardgirl You're so fracken sweet bunny. https://t.co/cOkAqbWLua

  21. @safiyajn Been doin that for a year.

  22. @Onision @epidemicsound Dang I thought they were reputable.

  23. Killin it today. https://t.co/tlF8ijmJHd

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