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  1. I've just start watching anime a few years back. My husband doesn't care for it so I watch it in my spare time. I like Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Midori Days, Death Note, Castlevaina don't think is an anime, but it's awesome. Hellsing, Naruto, and B The Beginning. Tell me some amazing animes I can check into. Thank you for reading this topic.
  2. I'm tomboyish so I'm into really anyone... Big, medium, small body wise. Doesn't really matter as long as their down to earth people and arent closed minded.
  3. I dislike Logan Paul and Jake Paul. I've caught my oldest son watching them so I took his phone. He will no longer be able to get on YouTube. It sounds harsh. Ive watched only a few videos on both the Paul brothers I felt I didn't want him watching them. I even watched some of the Paul brothers dads videos... I've told him many times not to watch them. He disobeyed my wishes so he is phoneless. Maybe I'm being to hard on him? IDK...
  4. I'm so so sorry you had to go through that.
  5. I broke my nose four times. So now it is of set with my face.
  6. I shared my personal problems with my cousin thinking she was like a sister to me. Since I was one years old we had been inseparable. I'm now 33 and we got into this huge fight, but every insecurity I have or ever had. She used against me in this huge blow out we had. I did as well after she had pissed me off with her hypocrite remarks. So I didnt react the way I should have... I went to her level so I'm a hypocrite as well. She has since contacted me and I desperately want to hang out and go back to the way things were. Yet, I feel as though I can never trust her ever again. Every time I ever have a problem within myself, or in my marriage I wont be able to trust her with that information. She even went as far as to having her daughter start a nasty rumor about my son. They are in middle school so you can only imagine how horrible it was... I had to remove him from that school and put him in a different one. So that's my story sorry if it's way to long. Thank you for reading it if you did.
  7. It's raining and cold as usual.
  8. My ex husband left me and I was severely depressed almost took my own life... I found you through Shane so I started watching you. That was about ten years ago. So I'm happy to have found your content.
  9. I've been diagnosed with BPD, anxiety disorder, and chronic depression. Sucks really bad that's for sure.
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