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  1. Laura

    Grossest Thing You Have Eaten

    Sea urchin
  2. Laura


  3. Laura

    Opinions needed

    Heads up calling cps I’m not a guarantee that anything will get done.
  4. I like my eyes even if they are just boring brown and I’m insecure about my nose.
  5. Laura


  6. Laura

    Song Titles A - Z (Minus Q,X,Z)

    Killer Queen
  7. That you are stronger than your traumatic experience and that almost dying makes you not want to take life for granted.
  8. Laura

    The worst date you have ever been on?

    When a guy said he on our one and only date that he wanted to date me because I was half Mexican and he wanted to check off dating a brown chick so he can prove he wasn’t a racist
  9. Laura

    Celebrity crush

    Post a gif of you celebrity crush Mine is Garret Hedlund
  10. Laura

    What's Your Weather?

  11. Laura

    What Were You Doing?

    Finishing moving my cacti inside my home since we are going to have freezing temperatures tonight.
  12. Laura


  13. Laura

    Stand up Comedy

    I went to his show last summer, I’m a fan of Gabriel “fluffy” Iglesias and Margaret Cho.
  14. Laura

    The "I Never" Game

    I haven’t failed a English class. I never been overseas.
  15. Laura

    *The Bump Thread*


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