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  1. Road trip via 3 different Mega Buses for 13 hours to Michigan to see a friend and then we road tripped around Michigan
  2. Hi hello (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ 

  3. Why the Bronx as opposed to the other boroughs? Just curious
  4. “I love you, I still want to get married and have babies together one day, I’ll see you in two weeks” -the last thing he said to my face before he moved to Florida theres a lot more to the story but I’ll leave it at that
  5. I usually start my day waking up and then going back to sleep and then setting 15 more alarms until I absolutely have to get out of bed while rushing around to get ready and then just barely making it to where I need to go.
  6. I got 9 too...so guess we’re in this together those of us who got 9??? lmao
  7. This is not a “quick question” and it’s stressing me out 😂😂😂
  8. Omggggg swiftkaratechop, that’s a name I haven’t heard in like a decade thank u for digging deep into my repressed memories 😂
  9. You answered the question yourself when you said “I’m ready to cut the cord” you know the right decision
  10. @AnnaSantina lol cuteeee!!! Love it!!!! 😍😂 hoops for everyone 😂😂😂
  11. My fav non-LED ones I know some day a hooper will join this forum and appreciate these with me 😂 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. @Taraaf you don’t need a fancy LED hoop to do cool tricks you can get a hula hoop from the dollar store and do cool stuff! You should pick up a hula hoop I recommend it to everyone and anyone haha
  13. Oh! I see! Thanks! Strange UX decision to have the user have to go out of their way to click it but cool good to know thanks 😄
  14. In my account settings I added an “about me” section and it’s saved when I go to my settings I can see it so I know it’s saved it. But I don’t see that section appearing anywhere in my profile. I’m not sure where that section is supposed to appear. I’m using safari on an iPhone. Any help with this? TYIA
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