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  1. Hey, I saw that you were requesting that we send you Eugenia videos that need to be taken down, so I found some. Luckily, they're on your YouTube page, so you should be able to get them removed pretty quickly! Cool! http://youtube.com/ (video unlisted) http://youtube.com/ (video unlisted) http://youtube.com/ (video unlisted) http://youtube.com/ (video unlisted) http://youtube.com/ (video unlisted)
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    Thank you! : )
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    Orange is a good color for someone who wants to get a bang for their buck, in my experience it did not fade as fast as other colors I have tried. I'm sure it would look great on you. Unfortunately when I had mine done, I didn't take many pictures, but here's one that shows how vibrant it was. Sorry for the bad selfie, I don't take pictures of myself very often.
  4. What do you guys think of people who are vegan or vegetarian eating at places that primarily serves meat products? For example, McDonald's has come out with a vegan burger, but the people who purchase that product are ultimately supporting the slaughtering of innocent animals through their funding of McDonald s. I have also heard that they claim that their fries are vegan but they got sued because they did contain beef products. Do you think it's OK to give money to a company that goes against your belief system just for convenience? Personally, if I was against eating meat, I would not give McDonald's or any other chain that mass produces and kills animals any support, but that's just me. What do you guys think? Here's an article about the impact McDonald's has on animals https://www.peta2.com/news/never-eat-at-mcdonalds/
  5. Hey Heather, I think you kinda missed the point of my post. I never said that exposing someone with an eating disorder to the thin ideal would "cause" them to have an eating disorder, I specifically said that it was a contributing factor. It's pretty clear to see that Eugenia had had a problem with her weight for years, and I don't think that making comical sketches regarding her diet, or editing pictures of her at a weight that is an ideal weight for some was ever intended to help her. My point was that someone who is so experienced with disordered eating and has been 'helping' people with their EDs for years should know this basic information. Not only that, but someone cares about the individuals he is helping and who considers himself an advocate could go ahead and do some basic research to figure out what contributes to an eating disorder so that they can avoid those actions. Any decent person in Greg's situation would stop making videos because they would say to themselves "Hey, how is this sketch of me portraying a clearly very sick girl preparing a piece of rice for diner, fainting multiple times while doing so, and then throwing it up going to make HER feel?" "Hey, I know this girl clearly has a problem with her body, but let me show her and the world what I think her body should look like!" "Hey I know that Eugenia really doesn't like me because I keep on making videos about her after she's asked me to stop, but everyone go to my website to send her nice messages where she'll never read them, because she hates me and i'm really only posting this to get traffic to my website." These are just a few examples, but I guess Greg couldn't figure out that those things were wrong, even though he is such a voice for people with ED's and he's helped so many people. And I wish you luck with your Psychology degree, you'll have to do a lot of reading and research with that degree, it's important to distinguish between the words "contributing factor" and "cause". Have a nice day : p In regards to not being monetized, he really just showed in his last video that he applied for monetization but was denied.
  6. Hi Heather, I appreciate that you have some life experience in dealing with an eating disorder, and that you are currently taking college courses in order to achieve your degree in Psychology, which makes me wonder...Have you taken any courses where you are required to create a research proposal or study peer reviewed articles? Multiple studies have been conducted on this topic, and in general the consensuses that a major contribution of an eating disorder is "social comparison". For example, body dissatisfaction is associated with the tendency to compare one’s body to others’ bodies (Stormer & Thompson, 1996) Consistently Greg has called out Eugenia for being "too skinny" , and he has even photoshopped her pictures to reflect his "thin ideal". This can not only contribute to the development of an eating disorder, but it can also make an existing one worse. There has been tons of research on this topic, and the conclusion is that a large factor in the development of an eating disorder is comparing one's self to the thin ideal media.You really don't have to dig deep to find this information, and as you can see based on my reference, this idea that comparison to thin ideals contributes to eating disorders has been around since at least 1996 and still applies today. A person who is an "advocate" for people with eating disorders should know this information, and a person who has a heart wouldn't exploit a sick woman for monetary gain while tricking people into believing he's helping her.
  7. You don't believe your therapist, either?
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