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  1. Final Fantasy X. I've been playing it for 13 years and it's still my favorite. Here's a badass screenshot I took while playing.
  2. Viola

    Body hair

    I pretty much just shave my armpits. My legs don't grow enough hair for me to really worry too much about it, but occasionally I'll shave them.
  3. Yeah, when I was like 14, some horrible things went down and I almost did it but I reminded myself that things would get better if I wanted them to, and I stopped myself. Things are better now.
  4. I'd blame myself for bad parenting but I'd love my child anyway.
  5. I'm currently in my longest relationship. It's lasted about a year and a half so far.
  6. Same. My boobs haven't grown since 6th grade.
  7. I prefer Pepsi over Coke. I also dislike Apple products.
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