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  1. sorry guys, i know i wasn't very clear on my terms when i said things like humble universe meaning like kindness and stuff. realm meaning not another worldly thing but instead just another way of saying it...things like that. sorry if i wasn't very clear.
  2. sorry, did i make any sense?
  3. i think it's unnecessary. let's say Greg did things that were wrong...i choose to believe in redemption. i choose to believe in mentoring that we can find more ways of that we don't know about yet from the realm of knowledge. showing negativity with negativity doesn't help. the humble universe is always the bigger universe and the stronger one. besides, with true dark arts that should only be sought out correctly...and i mean sought out correctly finding the the true, true dark arts realm out there that can only be beneficial...first of all priorities should be taken up in here...harmony of humble realm being established first so that the true power pathways and true truth trajectories and true nature of things are launched off first before and so that true, dark arts are then available in such ways to access to finally make sense in how and why to access it...you know, in the true entirety of things. not the weakest power pathway of a falsehood, corruption type pathway just because we chose to...what...choose to rule the world, the universe with negative energy?...it's nonsense to me...absolute bullS●●●. instead, having everything in an entirety of true power pathways and so forth and being comfortable at the same time at the very least if you don't wanna go any farther in the works to see how more sharing and unified the universe can be and stop let's say the 15th or 16th fold of all or nothing power seeking pathway?...and i'm talking about all the beings in the universe collectively together sharing it and not just some individuals having such a beyond beyond type power seeking accomplishment alone but everyone maybe not having that much power shared "individually speaking," but at least the universe could hold it, therefore everyone can live comfortably...see?...and true dark arts and infinity leagues also established because i said it to be true entirety power pathway and true nature of things?...willing to give that up?...and for what...to be negative first and have a corrupted, incomplete universe in the end of all things when we can have everything?...bullS●●●...such are the way of things in the true lessons of power, wisdom, will, strength in philosophy and philosophy is real...it's just around to clear the path for us and it's a complicated thing. who's to say what is simple and complicated, or both, or are there more sides to that as well and we just don't know it from unknown vision. it's the better way anyways, no? so no, we are taking the wrong steps i feel as a society...and yes, on Greg if he did anything which i feel at the very least at who he is deep inside for i think is a good and an absolute awesome command of a being which is why i follow him because something tells me of the living auras in life in my living being aura detection when i watch him and Kai in their videos...they just seem good people...someone one whom is able be loved and love in return...and i admire something like that in someone...for love i know exists...i for one and i don't know if there are others out there am trying to be a knight trying to fight this invisible enemy of corruption and the sick pleasure derived from it...and it is an incomplete way anyways...the same pleasure can be derived in a complete universe i have a vision for but can be different...if i had to say...then perhaps somehow with the third eye...um with let's say because of no effort into it because everyone has a shared invincibility of the "complete" universe i had a vision for for true power pathways and all that...we can do the same pleasure but it's not so corrupted anymore?...because with such invincible arsenal of powers let's say, there are a few choices in the arsenal that it's done responsibly and i mean no effort meaning already from the "complete power pathway universe that we beings established and made order and stability of because of the quest and journey to find such ways with such vision and harmony as a priority knowledge seeking" that the universe does it for us, the universe gives blessings to the one being picked on to not feel any pain while the bully is doing...ionno. i'm working on it. i don't know what Greg have done to deserve this but it's never too late in my opinion...we just don't know how to do it yet, but we know so little, we know so little guys...and we could become so much. yeah, a lot of people trash talked to me too on youtube telling me to do my research, that Greg and Kai aren't what they appear. honestly though, i don't give a S●●● about all that because, honestly, i just wanna laugh, i wanna be happy and they come through. they try to bring their lives down because of videos they made in which hard mentoring is a way of mentoring anyways? and they can help or at least as a society we can come together and stop squabbling over each other here on across the world even and just know more and come together? i don't get it honestly. sorry for the long post and my rather strong opinion there but i for one am trying to go for the beyond beyond, seeking higher mysteries and such for the good of it all in the end of it all which i hope there isn't in terms of an end. stay strong Greg, your life is yours...and we are always here to support you. and Jackson?...i don't mean to say thanks in any way for all this with like a surge of victory of you somehow making me look good...i just mean thanks for bringing these things into light.
  4. that the world is a dark, corrupt place.
  5. By the way, Greg...I didn't mean for you to get so many dislikes...I hope everything is okay.
  6. I don't wanna post yet another topic because it might overcrowd things and stuff...so, what do you think about over planning. What do you think about the future in planning...should it be over planned or lived?
  7. If one's pride gets even more stiff, it's harder to change the person in my opinion.
  8. I just wanna say thanks for making a whole video just for my question. I know you do so for others but I still just wanna say thanks. It was really helpful for the perspective and advice in general. It's just that I'm in a hard spot in my life and this video brightened my day up.
  9. I personally believe people wanting freedom and the concept of it should know no boundaries, no lines. But there're people who has done things full of corruption and falsehoods...do you think redemption can still come into play no matter how many bad things they have done? Perhaps there are ways and knowledge not yet found from all knowledge that can show someone so evil can be helped? Is there not many ways to approach mentoring?
  10. At one's cores, can someone be truly changed? Kai, Greg's spouse I think talked about cores in one of her videos once...but if the universe is not even made for one...and on top of that, everything in your world goes bad for you somehow, and other things and circumstances happen around because of who and what you are and what universe is that the universe tries to change you and your cores to be their puppet let's just say as well...do you think your cores could change or do you think at your core, you can't truly ever change?
  11. We're all here for you. Everyone deserves at some point to worry about them...until there is found that worrying about someone can always be good because of the fact from more found knowledge, people can be helped at any point no matter what.
  12. sup candy. welcome here. i hope you like it here, i do. onision and kai are really awesome, i agree. what do you watch on youtube? anyways, hi.
  13. Do I ask too many philosophical questions on here?


    1. Peacefulfaerie


      In my opinion, no. It can be quite educational!

  14. i just wish we are uniting in the right way. showing each other ways from different peoples uniting into one the right way. it's just that the world is so dark in a evolutionary way.
  15. i hope independence sticks with people but at the same time a connection with other people...not really talking about therapists anymore. is that possible? to have independence and connection at the same time in relationships?
  16. i just want people to come together the right way.
  17. what do you think when like a therapist is helping you. do you think he's trying to actually put you in the right direction or do you think manipulation is what he's doing? or is manipulating and showing the person the right path the same thing? but what paths are there in all? good, bad, or taking total advantage from the therapist? do you think the person taking therapy if that person is too open in nature or whatever the client is made of or who the client is dictates such things?
  18. when we think of things in which nations made up like for example rap with african americans or martial arts with asians...do you think there could be reasons why and how they made those things? and like the how's and why's of how we can extract things that make up the uniqueness of each race and how we can use those results from such exploration and experimentation and i mean experimenting in good ways to help humanity and life?
  19. *harmonious status of the universe. Sorry. I think harmony still comes into play. If I can somehow parallel Greg's meaning with saying that harmonies clashing bleeding one from another at some level or way corruptedly speaking or unifyingly speaking is the same thing as Greg saying one man's treasure is another man's trash or the other way around. I hope I know where Greg is coming from.
  20. So then, there are many angles in life indeed...then from those angles launches off pathway lines...when they crisscross around, do you think they can intersect with other people's currents...do you think effects would be different in terms of magnitude from these different sides...different sides meaning different people or sides or forces in the universe? Are then not harmonious statuses important? Why not then harmonious stashes of universes?
  21. So there's evil, good, and of course neutral. Three sides...are there more? I believe there are more. There's softness and aggressiveness in many things as well...maybe all things, in sports for sure. I know in soccer you can be soft with soft passing, dribbling in a jogging mode instead of going fast with the ball. Do you think there is more to it in life than that to attain an everything set in life with not only just having a complete array of style sets in how you perform in something?
  22. So in different continents and countries, do your think there are their own higher mysteries, presets, swags, and styles to them each? I'm from South Korea and trying to find out more about my own heritage and people. I feel like with pleasures of the world we are forgetting ourselves as people...even national pride of there were any to begin with even though we are the children of the atom in what we know kind of thing.
  23. Hello and welcome. You will find respect here and warmth I hope.
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