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  1. I was misdiagnosed with BPD and then later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. (not sure how they mixed those up... i think they took my like mixed up emotions and autism meltdowns as more impulsivity and rage when that stuff really only happens when i get overstimulated and hit a meltdown) A lot of the ways of coping with things are probably similar though. When im struggling i try to find something to distract myself- i watch a lot of comedy and having a hobby helps- i like to garden so i go out in the yard and can work out there for hours and it shuts my brain off so i'm not thinking about anything. then even if i was upset, if i go out there and start working, at least i can forget about it for a while and then by the time i finish and come in i'm usually too tired to be upset (finding a hobby that has a physical component to it is helpful too for that reason- or like some sort of excercise/physical activity that takes your mind away from things-- going for a bikeride, a hike in the woods, etc. something that is physical but also directs your attention somewhere else like a walk in the woods for me you pay attention to the scenery and the birds singing kind of like a meditation, focusing on the things in nature.) I'm tired and kind of rambly in my sentences right now but i hope some of this helps.
  2. I had anesthesia for mine too for similar reasons. I have autism and sensory processing issues + anxiety so the thought of having to deal with that long of feeling that much pain and uncomfortableness and having to keep my mouth open etc just...did not sound tolerable to me and so they put me out. I was nervous too but dont worry too much- its really not that bad especially since you will be unconscious for the worst of it which is them actually going in and pulling. When i had mine done I didnt even realize they did it at first-- they put me under with the anesthesia and when i woke up from the anesthesia it felt like it had only been a second and they were shaking me and telling me to get up and i went to say "wait, but when are you going to do it?" and they laughed because i was slurring and said they already did! LOL, i literally didnt even realize they had done it. I went back to sleep in the car on the way home and slept for most of the rest of that day. I was just kind of out of it and the gauze in my mouth was annoying but i really didnt feel much of it until way later that day and then the next day was probably when it actually hurt the worst. Even then, they should give you some vicodin or percoset to take and just take it as needed, buy a couple of re-freezable ice packs at the pharmacy if you dont have any so you can put on on either side of your jaw since you're having all 4 out at once (i had all 4 out at the same time too, and 2 of mine were growing sideways putting pressure on the nerves of my other teeth, so it was even more painful) -- so take your meds , use icepacks, and eat lots of icecream. Don't try to eat anything solid because its just not worth it. Take the opportunity to eat yummy stuff like ice cream, sherbet, pudding, yogurt if you need something healthier, smoothies, etc. You'll be okay! It takes about a week to start really feeling better and 2 weeks you should be mostlyh back to normal. Your mouth and gums heal pretty quick! You've got this!
  3. Same. And the new generation doesn't even understand humor so they take anything that people have said in the past, even if they said it as a joke (because that type of humor isnt even a thing anymore so they dont even understand the CONCEPT that people EVER could have made jokes about things) and they get called out and run t hrough the mill for it. For things that were probably said years ago when HUMOR was a thing and we didnt all just become outraged at every little comment. Ughh, i hate outrage culture.
  4. POPPIES!!! Here are some of the many different kinds that I grow in my garden every year! My favourite are the ones like the red one in my first pic with the 'frayed' looking edges to the petals. tthose and peony poppies which you can kind of see in the picture with many of them -they are the pink ones with the many 'ruffled' petals. I grow a whole lot of different varieties. On top of being beautiful They also have medicinal purposes and can be used for teas and tinctures if you practice homeopathic medicine 🙂
  5. I finally went and watched Kalvins video to try to see what he was even talking about and ... OKAY... yes, i'm not going to lie that there was some stuff that maybe didn't sound the greatest and hopefully was either taken out of context or just... kind of spoken out of turn. Or maybe old opinions that Greg has had time to think on and re-evaluate and some of it I've noticed that he had already apologized for. Most of it seemed centered on how he was against body 'mutilation' and 'chopping off body parts' (and the 'freak' part that was taken out of context.) I can understand not wanting to encourage people to modify their body and stuff, and even i DO think that, as gender dysphoria IS a mental disorder, that trans people should look into all other options first, like trying to work through it in other ways, therapy, self evaluation and trying to make sure your dysphoria is actually dysphoria and not dysMORPHIA and that if it IS dysmorphia, making sure that its not rooted in trauma (s●●ual abuse, and things of that nature especially have been known to be a potential trigger for gender issues and s●●ual confusion later in life) - just making sure they explore other avenues and only resort to surgeries as a final resort if and when you are sure its the only option that will work for you in making you feel whole. So really, maybe it wasnt worded the right way, but i think the intention that greg had in speaking about these things was understandable. Other comments could mostly be attributed to him being a comedian and other things that he admitted was wrong years ago and had already apologized for. I just think its interesting how he can paint this picture and express this holier than thou sense of outrage , making out like Greg has "wronged" the trans community and is this totally transphobic person, by using such limited and S●●●ty 'evidence' and of course all the people who JUST watch him and maybe already see all these other "Onision Hate Vids" don't look into it any further , so they will never realize or notice how Kalvin (garrah) CONVENIENTLY leaves out entire videos like THIS video literally from almost 2 years ago (so BEFORE Kai even came out as trans, so like , Kalvin cant use the excuse that oh greg is only okay with it NOW because its his own spouse/ now that it hits close to home/etc) and many others when he went and decided to make a whole video trying to paint Greg as this super transphobic person. ( Kalvin, in his video was also trying to show how greg had 'transphobic videos' from "as recently as a year ago" (i guess trying to show he was abusive to kai because he said something negative about trans people right around the time kai was coming out-- -BUT-- you're kind of missing something there Kalvin, because how can he be emotionally abusive and unsupportive of kai's transition when he had Trans-POSITIVE videos from as far back as TWO (2 ) years ago and possibly more, so obviously, if you look back at his opinions over the years, he HASNT had transphobic opinions at all- and obviously Kai felt comfortable enough to tell him and work it out with him -- obviously that is always going to be hard and take a lot of communication, and has its difficulties since Greg is straight, but Greg has been accepting and supportive as he can be and THEY ARE MAKING IT WORK) Like, sorry Kalvin, greg has made some insensitive comments in the past (that he apologized for) but his over-all outlook has always been not only accepting, but ALSO trying to promote acceptance in others. (Where-as Kalvin's personality and channel often calls people out and seeks to invalidate specific people in the trans community) Anyway, I thought i'd post this here and thought it might be fun if we could go through Onisions channel and maybe compile all of the TRANS-POSITIVE videos or statements he's made over the years And for contrast, maybe pull up some of the hateful, negative or invalidating things kalvin has said about people. I MIGHT do it if i have time but if not, maybe Onision could too if we help compile stuff... eventually someone should make a video montage of all the clips showing how Onision supports the trans commmunity and then maybe juxtapose it with negative S●●● kalvin has said (could make for an intersting response video. like not just defending himself with words, but letting the 'receipts' speak for themselves) @Onision, what do you think? should we gather you up some ammo for a video?

  6. Anyone else notice how Kalvin (garrah) conveniently left out entire videos like THIS video literally from almost 2 years ago (so BEFORE Kai even came out as trans, so like , he cant use the excuse that oh greg is only okay with it NOW because its his own spouse/ now that it hits close to home/etc)  and many others when he went and decided to make a  whole video trying to paint Greg as this super transphobic person.  
    Like, sorry Kalvin, greg has made some insensitive comments in the past (that he apologized for) but his over-all outlook has always been not only accepting, but ALSO trying to promote acceptance in others.  
    (Where-as Kalvin's personality and channel often calls people out and seeks to invalidate specific people in the trans community) 

  7. I'm not a vegetarian but I'm a health-conscious eater and don't eat meat very often. Will only eat meat that is ethically raised/ local/ organic/free range/grass fed like for beef or fed its natural diet for other animals (like how chickens should be free range so that they can eat bugs and natural proteins etc) I'm lucky to live in new hampshire where there are a lot of farms and ability to source healthy food. I garden in the summertime and have my own free range chickens and eat mostly out of my garden all summer. pictures of my garden, one day of my harvest (i bring in get harvests like that of different things every few days in the summer!) and the last pic is homemade veggie burgers made with soft tofu, a bunch of different chopped veggies from my garden a and flour (i also use a little bit of egg to help hold it all together since i'm not full vegetarian and eggs are from my own chickens) but if you wanted to make completely vegetarian without eggs i'm sure you could substitute something else for the eggs ... have to think of something else that would be good to help keep them from crumbling...egg is just what i had on hand to make them)
  8. Hey Greg, I tuned in to one of your live feeds tonight and just wanted to let you and Kai know that I support you both 100%. (and No, I'm not a 12 year old like everyone thinks all your 'fans' are, I'm actually YOUR age..and I wouldnt neccesarilly even classify myself as a FAN... I see you as a person, like any other human being (human beings who maybe make mistakes but grow from them) and am entertained by a lot of your content even if I don't always 100 percent AGREE with all of your opinions and ways of going about things, I still support you 100 percent as A person without agreeing 100 percent with everything you say/do. (+**I find it important to make this distinction because of all the 'haters' who would probably just say that all your fans are 12 year olds you have brainwashed and they just follow and agree with everything you say or do and can do no wrong in their eyes.... like, no, we're all human, we can all do wrong and make mistakes, but I dont see that in the big picture your intention is to hurt anyone (and like I say, the big picture- everyone has moments where they get angry and do things spitefully and go out of their way to be petty.... and its never our finer moments as humans and if everyone was judged on those moments, we'd all be peices of S●●●. ) Anyway, thats not the point.... what i wanted to just say was to remind you that you have alot of people, myself included, who wish you the best, especially Kai in his transition and continuing to discover who he is as a person. Like, what Kalvin said "if you really are trans..." .... No. Just...no. "If he really is trans" is none of anyone elses business BUT Kai's (and maybe yours and your family's - being his family and his support system) -- that is a journey of self discovery for kai to go through on his own and figure out who he is and he should have the support of people around him, WHETHER OR NOT he "really is trans" is only for him to decide and nobody else to really give their two-cents on at the moment. Like, if people like kalvin want to have opinions about it thats fine, everyone has the right to an opinion, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF (unless asked) when that opinion hurts and invalidates another specific person. Like I dont have a problem really with him talking about 'transtrenders' generally, as a group, but when you single out and attack specific people and call them out and make them feel like they arent accepted or don't pass or whatever it is that Kai might feel when he's under attack like that, its not really okay. So.... I noticed there were a lot of haters in the live stream and I didnt want them to drown out the voices of the people who care about you guys and ❤️ and support you both and your channels and wish you both the best. Ignore the hate, let the love speak louder. Hope you and Kai were able to have some good family time (as you left the stream to go be with him) Take care Arianna Santina on youtube/ Anna Santina here.
  9. similar boat. my stepdad who was like my dad passed away in October 2009, (on my little brothers birthday actually, oct 18) and has been gone for 10 years now. still have dreams about him. his was not sudden, he struggled with cancer for almost 10 years where they only gave him 6 months initially. (he was diagnosed in 2000 and then given about 6 months in 2001.... ended up going through a lot of chemo, surgeries, clinical trials, etc -- he had his colon removed, his bladder removed (so he had double bags- urostomy and colostomy on either side... was hell for him to live with) and part of his spine removed where the tumor had grown into his spine- we werent sure he would walk again but he did) and just .... trying EVERYTHING stay ahead of it until it finally took him in 2009) we are lucky for the time we DID get to have with him, i know that, but we all still miss him every day. he was an amazing, charismatic person who everyone who met him fell in love with. he also left our family in a financial mess though b/c he was a self employed business owner/home builder and had trouble running his business while sick. he was being sued by vendors he owed and another asshole who he built a house for who wasnt satisfied with something (i dont know the whole story, all i know was the guy got his house built and made up a bunch of BS (i know its bs because my brothers both worked on his house as well and remember spending weeks doing things that he claimed never got done) and this guy as well still sued and took OUR house that we lived in too. we are still battling with the after effects of my dads death - my mom pushed off the court cases and kept having them reschedule and appeal until after my dad died because she didnt want him to have to deal with it on his deathbed and literally within a couple months of him passing away we lost our home that we lived in (which was hard too since not only did he build that home but most of our last and best memories of time together was in that house) and we had to move into a half-finished construction site house he got too sick and died before was ever finished (literally we moved in with no kitchen sink (we were doing dishes in the bathtub) , no floors (like just the concrete board stuff they put down under tile), no doors (we hung sheets for privacy, even the bathroom), and no real plumbing either (my brothers dug a 'temporary' plumbing line by running the pipe out to a giant 50 gallon plastic drum that we buried in the yard but we had to be careful how much water we used) it was a mess. we still live in this house now because we were wiped out and had no money to get out of it and couldnt sell the house and get a new place b/c the house wasnt FINISHED enough to sell. so we've been living here the past 10 years working on it as we go and as we can afford. we are finally at the point where the house is ALMOST done and my mom has finally been able to afford to finish a lot of the more expensive things she couldnt afford to do before like all the finishing detail work, installing fireplaces, etc) so now its like we're still dealing with the repurcussions and after 10 years of getting finally comfortable living here we are going to have to move again because its actually a HUGE house and we cant afford to live here, (just heating a house this big is like 1000 dollars every couple months in the winter and the taxes are atrocious ... my stepdad used to build like mansions lol. yea, its cool living in a mansion, but not when its a half finished mansion and you cant afford to live here anyway) Coming up next month too is just as equally important losing my dog of 10 yrs who was like my child. He was hit by a car 2 years ago on Memorial Day (was hit by a car literally at my fams memorial day BBQ... we had to leave the party and rush him to emergency vet but they couldnt save him.)
  10. yea, we're under 18 too in some of the pictures i shared here (i think i shared some from like middle school and early highschool) but there's nothing dirty or "adult" going on, just best friends hanging out , fully clothed, no kissing, maybe some hugging and cuddling but a hug is pretty tame. i hug my mom. hugs are wholesome lol.
  11. all i have is just my regular basic ear holes and my dont wear anything in them often enough so they always close up almost all the way... then when i DO want to wear something in them i have to SHOVE the earing through ...and sometimes it only goes through the front hole but it doesnt go all the way through and i end up fishing around INSIDE me ear cartilage trying to find the other side of the ear hole lol. first world problems.
  12. Ooooh! I am a long-time X-men fan. used to have the comic books when i was young and used to watch the old 90s cartoon on 'saturday morning cartoons' (the one where it was spiderman cartoon, followed by the xmen, and at one point they did like a crossover episode where spiderman MEETs the x-men lol.) i didnt know this was coming out, now i'm looking forward to it too. who's your fav Xmen? I'm a wolverine girl. (always have been, but when they put hugh jackman in the role it definitely didn't deter me)
  13. And to clarify- i'm DEFINITELY not saying its not a real thing. It definitely is. Just saying that not everyone who thinks they might be always is.
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