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  1. AnnaSantina

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    I have hyper-mobility as well- not just in my feet but in most of my joints (dr. thinks i might have ehlers danlos syndrome- its a genetic disorder with different subtypes- there is a type that causes hypermobility in the joints and super flexibility) it was great when i was younger when i did ballet and gymnastics but then i started getting injuries- now i have chronic pain because i rolled and sprained my ankle so many times that now the ligaments are permanently torn and wont heal. that throws off the way i walk too, i limp and causes hip and back pain from limping etc. i get tendonitis everywhere too because of it b/c the joints move around too much when i'm doing things and are super easy to become inflamed. anything i do just normal stuff if i do anything with too much repetition i get tendonitis in that joint and it takes over a year for the tendonitis to heal and settle down sometimes. ugh. so i guess that all is pretty abnormal. its an invisible abnormality for the most part but you can tell by the way i walk too.
  2. AnnaSantina

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    yea, theres not as many carcinogens with vaping, but vape smoke is WAY hotter and people end up actually burning/cooking their lungs instead if they dont do it right or do it too often, etc.
  3. AnnaSantina

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    No. I feel like most people vape to avoid or cut back on the negative affects of smoking. I was never a smoker, I'm not addicted to nicotine so why would I start now? .Also, ive been told nicotine has similar effects to caffiene but more psychoactive (like you feel the buzz more than you would with caffiene) and i have an anxiety disorder and caffiene usually makes me feel antsy so.... i just dont think id like nicotine either anyway.
  4. AnnaSantina

    What Does It Mean When A Celebrity Says They Love You?

    Yea, i always figured it just means that they "love" and appreciate the support of their fanbase. Anyone who takes that too seriously or deeply probably have some sort of mental/psychiatric deficit...delusional. Its just a normal hyperbole.
  5. AnnaSantina


    okay that holy water one is gold.
  6. AnnaSantina

    Most adorable thing you've ever seen

    THese two, my kittens. now four years old and still cute, but when i first brought them it was the most adorable thing. We brought the girl (the more brown kitty) home first and went back for the boy a couple days later and they remembered eachother and when they reunited it was the cutest thing ever. I got them (Sophie the brown girl tabby and her twin brother Stratus the male grey tabby) on craigslist and it was shady as hell. I payed 40 dollars each for them and the lady i got them from looked like she was on meth and lived in trailer. we had wanted both brother and sister kittens from the get go because we wanted them to have a friend and we figured having 2 cats they would get along better if they were siblings, but the lady was going to keep the male kitten b/c he was her favourite and 'pick of the litter' (honestly i can see way, dont tell sophie but he's my favorite too-- he's a SUPER good boy and such a sweety, very vocal and loves attention) .... that day we went home with just the Sophie though because the woman was keeping Stratus. a couple days later we still really were looking for another young kitten so sophie could have a friend and at some point we called back b/c we felt weird about the whole thing and the lady was just weird but we still wanted the boy kitten so we were like...double checking if she was willing to part with him-- this time she said her dog was torturing the male kitten and we could have him :) :) :) (so thats how i ended up with my big grey tabby boy) she was selling all the other kittens but i def. feel like we rescued my male kitty. he's almost 4 years old now and doing great but he even had health issues when we got him and was always coughing and sneezing. when we first brought him home he was terrified. Sophie had warmed up pretty quickly and was already settling in since it had been a few days. We got Stratus home and had him in one room to acclimate himself... and he immediately ran under the bed and hid. he was under there mewling and crying every now and then but he wouldnt come out. then Sophie came into the room and Sophie heard her brother crying and you could see her ears perk RIGHT up and she got super attentive like looking around. Then she started meowing back at him and Stratus you could see him poke his nose out from under the bed slowly and then he meowed --- sophie meowed back-- and he zeroed in on her and the HAPPIEST look came over both of their faces and Stratus literally BOUNCED out from under the bed and did that cute little kitten-pounce-run and they both literally ran/pounced into eachothers arms and tackled eachother and started playing. Sooooooo cute. Little kitten family reunion! Honestly the most adorable thing ive ever witnessed.
  7. AnnaSantina

    Who Is Your Closest Family Member?

    My older brother. He's only a couple years older than me and we were always very close as siblings. He's always been supportive of me and practically raised me and my little brother for years when my parents werent around. This is us at his wedding this fall. and then a few years ago after a hike to the top of Mt. Major. I have a younger brother i'm close to as well, but closest with my older brother, we just have a ot of things that we relate and since we're a little older we have kind of... more memories of certain childhood events and were partners in crime before my younger brother was even born.
  8. AnnaSantina

    What Sports Did You Play In School?

    i used to do ballet when i was VERY young, and then gymnastics. (not through the school, but... school aged.) i also did horseback riding which i would love to get back into. i'd get back into gymnastics too but i know my balance is crap now and my whole body is just... not in shape enough to do half of what i did when i was younger lol.
  9. AnnaSantina

    Word Association

  10. AnnaSantina

    Suggest a Book!

    kind of a kids books but SO good-- my fav. book of all time probably - read it a million times as a kid and found it again a few years ago, re-read it and it was just as good - has a alice in wonderland vibe to it-- THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by norton juster. so good. here's actually a youtube video i have of me reading the first couple chapters (i filmed it for my baby brother who i used to read to every night -- i couldnt be there to read to him so i did it over video :) ) i have a shit reading voice, but i tried.... and hey, my baby brother used to like it when he was like 8 :) lol
  11. AnnaSantina


    I posted my other animals before but I also have a service dog for my autism -- This is Oura (Oura-bouros) she's a siberian husky and she's super sweet and awesome (you can follow her on instagram @ouratheservicehusky :) 🐺🐺) heres a BUNCH of pictures of me and my baby some from a couple months ago and some from when she was just a baby. (she's still only a year and a half old, and kind of STILL a big baby-- she's only 45 lbs full grown) she's one of the best things to ever happen to me and i love her :)
  12. AnnaSantina


    Is it though? I don't know that i've ever met anyone else like me (i wish i would, then maybe i'd find someone i could date who ALSO doesnt want to have sex)
  13. AnnaSantina

    Worst You Have Ever Been Beaten Up

    I got beat up by a cop in the emergency room while i was waiting to be checked into a psychiatric hospital back in 2015. I didnt want to go in and wanted to leave the ER but they wouldnt let me leave. So I decided to just stand by the locked door because I didnt want to be there and I didnt want to to back to my room. The cop who was working security asked me to go back to my room and i said no, im going to stay here. I wasnt doing anything bad, just standing there by the door and he tried to grab me and forcibly drag me back to my room. I resisted and pulled away and he dragged me harder and thats when i started kinda fighting back and struggling and the guy like grabbed my arm and hurt it which made me struggle more because he was hurting me - then when i struggled more he like kneed me in the leg and brought me down to the floor and did this weird move on my quadracep that hurt SO bad-- i have pain issues already and fibromyalgia and issues in my right leg and hip and he was hitting like my worst pain spots-- so like at that point i was 1- already not psychologically okay since i was waiting to be checked into a mental hospital in the 1st place and 2- out of my mind with pain and so just instinctually fighting back defending myself against pain so yea, i was on instinctual autopilot and kept fighting back and he twisted my leg even more and he got another cop to come and help him literally drag me into a room and knock me unconcious. but i was in SO much pain when i woke back up- my legs were all fucking bruised up and when i got up to the psych ward i was limping and didnt get out of bed for like a full day after - they had to give me toradol (painkillers) and a bunch of ice packs and topical antiinflammatory gel because i was in so much pain. i almost pressed charges against the security cop, they asked me if i wanted to report it at the psych ward but i was so mentally exhausted at that point that i didnt even bother and i just focused on getting myself mentally better. i still think it was messed up though. like, you dont physically assault someone who is mentally ill/mentally struggling. especially if they arent doing anything to bother anyone. me standing near a locked door wasnt hurting anything.
  14. AnnaSantina

    Favourite wild animal?

    look similar to Fisher cats... we have fishers up here in new hampshire. they are cute but one ate my bunnies though 😞 they're related to weasels, martens and wolverines
  15. AnnaSantina

    Favourite wild animal?

    yes, exactly- those animals shouldnt be in captivity ESPECIALLY in the size tanks they keep them in which is actually dangerous to their health - they dont get enough excercise and the small amount of space just swimming in circles gives them mental disorders, ocd, etc wheras that would usually swim long disances, like hundreds of MILES at a time, they can only swim in circles (and they can live to over a 100 years in the wild, and most barely live to maybe 50 tops in captivity--- thats HALF their natural lifespan cut from them) and maybe they are a little more used to this if born in captivity, but like i said, a lot of them are born IN the wild and captured, taken from their families, etc. and being such social animals, this is also detrimental to their health and quality of life. they are SEVERELY affected by the loss of family - like a human would be, perhaps even more- they have very HIGH levels of emotion and consciousness and actually i think use more of their brains than humans even do, which would make them even more in touch with their thought and emotion. so yea, i wasnt defending Sea World for what they are, i was just saying at least in the past they TRIED to treat the animals well and didnt force them to work, but i read a lot of articles recenntly and documentaries about how they would beat and starve the animals and use tactics to force them to perform and a lot of that is what causes them to lash out in the instances where trainers get killed and dragged under, etc. the animals are just....essentially mentally ill at that point and even if they love the trainer and have a relationship with them, they dont care in the moment and act out in frustration. they are not BAD animals, just ill and being mistreated. i feel like sea world has gone way downhill like they dont even try anymore. like when i was there i was bummed that we didnt get to see the dolphin show but i was also happy that they didnt force the animals to work and just seeing the feeding and everything was fine. (and the dolphins actually looked happy when they were getting fed, but then dolphins are a LOT smaller and maybe dont require as much space... they're able to keep multiple dolphins in an area whereas can probably only fit one whale per tank which keeps them in isolation -- like the dolphins are prob. happier since they at least have someone to hang out with, whales and dolphins are both very social-- the whale has nobody 😞

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