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  1. independendant i guess . i used to be more leftist and liberal but the liberals have gone almost more right wing than the right in regards to certain things like outrage culture, political correctness, etc. so... i just have my own opinions and they dont necessarily align with a particular party.
  2. athiest, not beliweving in any particular god or diety but a bit superstitious in terms of like enjoying the symbolism of certain things, (i collect 'totems'- like little things from places i go or good memories- something that will bring my mind back to that experience.) etc and spiritual with a strong connection to nature.
  3. I dont think I should have to change the way -i- am to fit into society. Society is broken and I'm not built for it. I'm not going to pretend to be someone i'm not just to 'fit in' or be 'socially accpetable'. If society has a problem with the way i am, it should change to fit around ME 😉 because my way is better and makes more sense 😉 and i guess this is unpopular because i refuse to change AT ALL . I am okay with who i am and how i think and I know that i'm a good person. I see a WHOLE LOT of flaws with the way society and culture and law and the ways we judge what is socially accpetable or not and.... I just don't care about any of it. I think most of it is a bit f●●●ed and i want nothing to do with it and i'm not going to change the way i am to squeeze myself into this broken game the rest of the world is playing.
  4. HEY! This is actually something i know a little bit about, been dealing with it for years and my brother has a degree in neuroscience and i've studied it a little on my own just to keep up with him and try to understand my own brain better anyway so... here's what i know -- first off-- for resources you could try checking out the NAMI website (national alliance on mental illness) , i am sure they probably have a whole list of resources and info. AND , if you do end up thinking you might need medication but cant go to a doctor yet you could try starting with St. Johns Wort and/or 5htp. They are both over-the-counter supplements that are known to help with depression and anxiety. St Johns Wort has been touted as being comparable to the antidepressant wellbutrin in clinical studies. These are both over the counter, usually in the vitamin section and help with serotonin production, etc. Serotonin is usually what makes a big impact on clinical/chemical depression (ie- most antidepressants are SSRIs- selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors) Both are usually pretty safe as long as you arent taking other medication that is an MAOI (i dont really know what those even are, but they always say if you take anything that interacts with serotonin, you shouldnt be on an MAOI or vice versa, lol... its some different class of medication...(i can look it up if you need 'cause i forget but pretty sure an MAOI- is not a super commonly used medication anyhow. ) If you have problems with anxiety as well, there is Valerian root as well which can help with anxiety and insomnia as well in higher doses (another herbal supplement--- the capsules smell like old feet though lol) i hope some of this helped.. you can also look up the actual DSM-4/DSM-5 (are we on 5 now?) which is what doctors use to diagnose mental conditions - it lists the symtoms and like presentation and how long symptoms have to persist for to be classified as a disorder, etc and try to "self diagnose" that way... honestly if you are questioning that you have depression you very well might... most people who dont have depression dont get so depressed for long enough to get to the point where they think it might be a disorder or a problem.... so if you think its a problem, it probably it... it just depends what you want to do about it whether it be medication, talk therapy, herbal over the counter stuff like i suggested for now, and/or also trying to implement other positive things into your life as you can to help pull yourself out of it. (i know you cant just pull yourself out of depreesion- if only it were that easy-- but ive also realized you can go down an even deeper hole if you just give into it, so trying to implement positive things, get out more, not just sit it your room all day even if you kind of really want to, etc... at least... trying to make an effort when you feel like MAYBE you can, then clinging real hard to that maybe. and hoping things get better... all that sometimes helps a lot more than just diving further into the hole and pulling the earth up over you. I hope you feel better ❤️ -Anna
  5. Hey Greg! SO glad that Onision has come back to youtube. If i lived where you were and saw you in the grocery store, i'd have said the same thing 🙂 Your new videos made me laugh in the way only 'onision' can. Good to have you back, man! Hope you stick around, don't let the haters get you down 😉❤️ -Arianna Santina
  6. its not a fat people disease its a "people who eat too much sugar" disease. you can eat too much sugar and not be overweight . there are so many super sugary foods that just completely tank your pancreas (the organ that regulates insulin production) without neccesarily making you overweight
  7. longtime fav. since i was like 12- smashing pumpkins... new time favourite, modest mouse. also love oasis and have spots in my heart for all those 90s rock bands like NIN you mentioned above, marilyn manson, stp, nirvana, etc.
  8. I finished another youtube video! Thank you to everyone here who has been so supportive as I start my channel. I am autistic and have a lot of anxiety so not entirely comfortable on camera but Ive been trying my best not to trip over my own words too much, lol. This one includes my adorable dog, Oura! If you have a dog, check this out too this vid could be helpful for dogs with health issues! love you all and thanks for the support. -anna santina (and oura, who is the REAL star of my channel... will probably have many more videos starring her coming up in the next while as i continue filming and editting)
  9. my mental health story is LONG.... i've been struggling with mental health since i was a small child - i've always had severe anxiety- i'm on the autism spectrum and have always had symptoms but i wasnt officially diagnosed until i was in my mid 20s and so i've struggled my entire life with issues, trying to fit in, and led to self-medicating with drugs in my teens and early 20s since i didnt know what was wrong with me. long story and i can expand later when i'm less tired, but for now, i'm FINALLY at 32 y/o on the right medication that has been working for me (depakote, cymbalta, and adderall mainly,-- plus lorazepam/ativan PRN for anxiety/panic attacks/sensory overload/autism meltdowns) and i now have a service dog as well. i've been stable on the same medications since 2015 when i was hospitalized and they finally had time to i guess observe me for a few weeks at a time and get an actual diagnosis and figure out what meds would help. i had tried a lot of diff. medications in the few years before 2015 (from like 2009-2015 i tried almost every antidepressant and mood stablizers and even some antipsychotics and none of them helped until the combination i'm on now-- there are still SOME issues and its not perfect even with meds but they are working the best of anything i've ever tried and most days are decent so i dont want to rock the boat and just sticking with it and trying to improve other areas of my life naturally to make up the difference..)
  10. With all that is going on I wish I could become a patron - to access actual "onision-character' videos (which i believe is closer to who greg actually is, even if SOME of the youtube stuff was obv. over-done drama/opinions for views and prob. not exactly who he is in real life ) Wish I could show my support but I am disabled (literally on disability and only get a small amount of money to live on from the gov't) that money is mostly all allocated for with my rent, car insurance, grocery and bills and food for my animals- (i have a service dog, plus 2 goats and a cat - and i love them all and they all probably eat better than i do - my dog eats a completely raw healthy diet, cat only eats the high-end grain free cat food and the goats are spoiled rotten too, lol, so its expensive to buy all their food but they are worth it , lol) . I also just had to get my car fixed..... i do hope onision comes back to youtube and just ignores the haters. I know its probably selfish of me to say that though, since its probably better for him and his own mental health to get away from that and just surround himself with his patrons who are people he KNOWS support him. I dont have the money to "prove" my support, but I do support him in what he needs to do for himself emotionally, i guess even if its at the detriment of me not being able to see some videos. I will look into my bills after my car gets out of the shop and hopefully my financial situation gets better to where i can maybe afford some extra things like patreon memberships to show my support and access vids. I just got my car insurance lowered and signed up for a program where you get extra discounts on your insurance for good driving record, but then right after i did THAT my actual car itself didnt pass inspection and had to go into the shop lol. I will figure it out, in the meantime, I would love if there were SOME public onision videos starring onision/greg and will work towards becoming a patreon, even if just a lower level (though i'd love to be able to participate in discord chats,- - - i enjoyed being there to show my support during his public youtube livestream a couple weeks ago, even though there were SO MANY HATERS in there, i bet it would be a lot more fun to stream just people who are 'friends' and internet supporters.
  11. I was misdiagnosed with BPD and then later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. (not sure how they mixed those up... i think they took my like mixed up emotions and autism meltdowns as more impulsivity and rage when that stuff really only happens when i get overstimulated and hit a meltdown) A lot of the ways of coping with things are probably similar though. When im struggling i try to find something to distract myself- i watch a lot of comedy and having a hobby helps- i like to garden so i go out in the yard and can work out there for hours and it shuts my brain off so i'm not thinking about anything. then even if i was upset, if i go out there and start working, at least i can forget about it for a while and then by the time i finish and come in i'm usually too tired to be upset (finding a hobby that has a physical component to it is helpful too for that reason- or like some sort of excercise/physical activity that takes your mind away from things-- going for a bikeride, a hike in the woods, etc. something that is physical but also directs your attention somewhere else like a walk in the woods for me you pay attention to the scenery and the birds singing kind of like a meditation, focusing on the things in nature.) I'm tired and kind of rambly in my sentences right now but i hope some of this helps.
  12. I had anesthesia for mine too for similar reasons. I have autism and sensory processing issues + anxiety so the thought of having to deal with that long of feeling that much pain and uncomfortableness and having to keep my mouth open etc just...did not sound tolerable to me and so they put me out. I was nervous too but dont worry too much- its really not that bad especially since you will be unconscious for the worst of it which is them actually going in and pulling. When i had mine done I didnt even realize they did it at first-- they put me under with the anesthesia and when i woke up from the anesthesia it felt like it had only been a second and they were shaking me and telling me to get up and i went to say "wait, but when are you going to do it?" and they laughed because i was slurring and said they already did! LOL, i literally didnt even realize they had done it. I went back to sleep in the car on the way home and slept for most of the rest of that day. I was just kind of out of it and the gauze in my mouth was annoying but i really didnt feel much of it until way later that day and then the next day was probably when it actually hurt the worst. Even then, they should give you some vicodin or percoset to take and just take it as needed, buy a couple of re-freezable ice packs at the pharmacy if you dont have any so you can put on on either side of your jaw since you're having all 4 out at once (i had all 4 out at the same time too, and 2 of mine were growing sideways putting pressure on the nerves of my other teeth, so it was even more painful) -- so take your meds , use icepacks, and eat lots of icecream. Don't try to eat anything solid because its just not worth it. Take the opportunity to eat yummy stuff like ice cream, sherbet, pudding, yogurt if you need something healthier, smoothies, etc. You'll be okay! It takes about a week to start really feeling better and 2 weeks you should be mostlyh back to normal. Your mouth and gums heal pretty quick! You've got this!
  13. Same. And the new generation doesn't even understand humor so they take anything that people have said in the past, even if they said it as a joke (because that type of humor isnt even a thing anymore so they dont even understand the CONCEPT that people EVER could have made jokes about things) and they get called out and run t hrough the mill for it. For things that were probably said years ago when HUMOR was a thing and we didnt all just become outraged at every little comment. Ughh, i hate outrage culture.
  14. POPPIES!!! Here are some of the many different kinds that I grow in my garden every year! My favourite are the ones like the red one in my first pic with the 'frayed' looking edges to the petals. tthose and peony poppies which you can kind of see in the picture with many of them -they are the pink ones with the many 'ruffled' petals. I grow a whole lot of different varieties. On top of being beautiful They also have medicinal purposes and can be used for teas and tinctures if you practice homeopathic medicine 🙂
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