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  1. Whether it be a lover or friend or whatever, how can you show someone you truly care for them? I'm just curious what people think.
  2. Those men are some weird men. Your eyes are what I like to call piercing. They stand out but that isn't a bad thing. Eyes are a nice thing to look at and your eyes are very nice to look at.
  3. I just vaguely say how I feel and ask questions on here. I don't necessarily think anything will come of it. I don't trust people on here like that. I have only told people the vague emotions on here. I don't know what I want honestly but I sure as hell ain't gonna trust a random stranger who gets paid to talk to me.
  4. Is it possible to be depressed for no reason? Like you are just depressed. With no reason to explain exactly why. Is that possible? What is depression? Is it just like feeling? Something wrong with the brain? I just don't know.
  5. Cried to this S●●● too f●●●ing much. Kinda hoping one of these cries will actually feel satisfying or something.
  6. I know everyone else is saying the same things but yeah it is stupid as S●●●. I don't see how people even have s●● without loving each other. It annoys me to the point of aggravation.
  7. Personally they can't do anything for me but don't worry I won't kill myself.
  8. I think I'll just eventually get used to the sadness because it is too strong to just get distracted from it.
  9. I have been thinking about that for a little now. I am pretty sure I know what the reason is but it isn't solvable as of now or in the near future.
  10. No need for the sorry. Anyway, I'll be alright.
  11. You sure you wanna ask that question?
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