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  1. That's cool, happy posting everyone ^-^
  2. It's also coined as Mad Pride, it's basically an day/week to celebrate survivors/people affected by mental illness.
  3. Isn't Mad Pride in July tho?
  4. hahaha man ofo and Crovati were THE days man, I would love to see something like those again
  5. I've actually seen that documentary, it's so sad.
  6. Exactly, that's why I'm confused by the point made in OP saying that giving advice to go Vegetarian/vegan is unethical??? imo it would be unethical to suggest, like, illegal drugs as part of a crash diet; or telling people to starve themselves.
  7. My diet consists of souls of the damned.
  8. 1. Anyone can talk about their diet and offer advice, free speech - not unethical. 2. the whole meat gives you cancer thing, well anything can give you cancer. Statistics say that 1 in 2 people will get cancer at some point in their life. 3. People will do as they please, just worry about what you can control.
  9. Exploring other things is a healthy thing to do though! If you feel it's too uncomfortable, you could always try to just do less instead of a bunch of animations at one time and then experience burnout. Keep exploring and don't overwork yourself, you're doing great dude.
  10. That's something I haven't seen since MewHeart woo buddy
  11. I broke my right baby toe, fractured my left shin, and most recently fractured my neck after a nasty fall on the ice.
  12. Ooo I didn't know there was a setting, glad there's an easy fix to that ^-^
  13. Well then Greg's bump thread would be against the rules lmao. I don't see anything wrong with multiple posts but if Greg wants to make it a rule up to him. But yeah, upvoting posts should definitely be against the rules as far as trying to gain more rep.
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