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  1. I think that's an open and honest conversation you need to have with him, not us. I have no idea what your relationship is like, if he's been in a situation or known someone in a situation like that. Take another pregnancy test to give him reassurance is all I can really offer as advice.
  2. I'm pretty hyped for Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is a b o s s
  3. aye, we have similar political views. P rare for me to come across anymore, but yea with the outrage culture on sites like twitter, facebook, etc - it's increasingly hard to find people that will respect your views and provide actual discussion.
  4. I wouldn't f●●● with anyone in that mindset. Defend people who are in need of support is my motto. And who cares if the person defending is straight or w/e. Excluding allies because they're straight is the complete opposite of being all inclusive and is detrimental to equality for all.
  5. There's a breaking point for every relationship regardless of what they are to you. So I don't know my answer to this question. It's complicated
  6. Okay so, when you make your appointment you want to talk to your primary care physician. Tell them what you're experiencing and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist and therapist/counselor. When you go to both psych and therapist they will ask for your past medical history, what medication you've been on and what symptoms you're having. The absolute key to getting the best care and on your way to some sense of normalcy is HONESTY. Yea they may put you on meds BUT if it's not working you have to tell them, be open that a medication is not working because there are other options. Outside of medication there is transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment. This is where they stimulate part of the brain to help production of things like serotonin and this has a very high success rate and should be covered by insurance. There is a lot that they can do to help, you just gotta make the first step my dude.
  7. this is what it felt like to me prior to getting diagnosed with Bi-polar I. Turns out I was cycling :P Depression doesn't just go away dude.
  8. u see, look right here your joke was 80x funnier than that entire movie 5 times over
  9. I think hands down, Sausage Party was THE worst movie I've seen in my life.
  10. I think the coolest thing about me is I'm chill all around.
  11. Gurl bangs are bomb, I just did mine recently!!
  12. Man, after all of your posts here...I really think you should see a professional.. I'm really not trying to be mean, just an observation..
  13. meh, I don't watch anything that puts those kind of videos in my recommended. I have had those pop up before and any time I see them I click on the "not interested" button to the side of the video.
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