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  1. XerinaNova

    What Technology Did You Think We'd Have By Now?

    I thought that with technological advances they'd have better trash detectors
  2. XerinaNova

    PC or MAC

    PC yis
  3. XerinaNova

    Favorite Song by Onision

    Scene kid love song and drop those titties on the floor Those two are the funniest imo.
  4. XerinaNova

    What programming language do you use the most?

    Yea I kinda learned about that and how to debug some stuff. What I like about it? I'm not sure I can pinpoint it, but for me personally it was easy to pick up and I had no trouble retaining lines of code. I'm still really, really early in my degree (part time student coming out of my first year of classes) so don't want to sound like an idiot trying to go in depth hahaha 😅
  5. XerinaNova

    Issue I noticed

    Oh heck, Greg's gonna have to fix that one. @Onision halp!!
  6. XerinaNova

    What programming language do you use the most?

    I'm doing my CIS major. So far I've done JavaScript, python and C++. Personally I like C++ the best
  7. XerinaNova

    What's romance like?

    I've been in 3 long term relationships, 1.5 year, 4 years and 4.5 years. Idk being in a relationship where you can just cuddle and spend time doing stuff you love is the best feeling in the world.
  8. XerinaNova

    What Game Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?

    What game? ha ha ha The game of life, suffering from the mundane tasks of everyday data entry. This games best mechanic is crying and laying on the ground in the fetal-position, surrounded by hell fire, daemons and vomit. jk I'm playing Apex Legends though, it cures all the bad things in my life. I even dream about it, I breathe it. (Bangalore main w00t)
  9. XerinaNova

    What phone do you use?

    So far I like: free data transfer from my old Pixel(1st gen), fingerprint scan on the back, has dual front facing cameras that allows for a wide angle pic (selfies don't look weird now!), the camera takes absolutely stunning and clear photos, wireless charge, it's big. I love it lol
  10. XerinaNova

    What is the dumbest sport?

    Your mom I mean football
  11. XerinaNova

    Grossest Thing You Have Eaten

    Ketchup on a chocolate chip cookie, was not dared to do it.
  12. XerinaNova

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

  13. XerinaNova

    What Is Your Most UNPOPULAR Opinion?

    Whoops typo, I meant shouldn't
  14. XerinaNova

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    Yeaaaaa, I've already had two pulmonary embolisms and I'm not about to ruin my lungs anymore than they already are. Oof
  15. XerinaNova

    Count To 10,000

    36 (weird I got this number when it's mine and my sisters inside joke)
  16. XerinaNova

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    No, not my thing. I just don't feel a need for it. Also I've heard people have gotten popcorn lung not long after starting. 😞 Scares me.
  17. XerinaNova

    Positive Messages For Eugenia Cooney

    I would tell her that I've been there, struggling with mental health and whatnot, been hospitalized; I'd tell her it's one hell of a ride and hard as fuck. But even when it's tough that she is still strong and kind and that she deserves to thrive. She truly deserves nothing but love and support.
  18. XerinaNova

    What Is Your Most UNPOPULAR Opinion?

    I don't believe that people shouldn't be forced to be in a relationship with someone after a huge change(huge weight change, personality, etc). Everyone is entitled to leave a relationship at any point if they're unhappy and know that their unhappiness will spill over onto the other person; subsequently making everything and everyone miserable (if they stay).
  19. XerinaNova

    What Does It Mean When A Celebrity Says They Love You?

    Idk it doesn't mean too much to me. Like when people say that in videos it sounds like a normal sentence. No meaning. But of course that's just my personal opinion.
  20. XerinaNova

    Sisterly/brotherly love

    My brother, when he was like 10, came out of my parents closet with a feather boa around his neck and exclaimed "my mating desires are off the charts!!" And it had my two sisters and I in stitches 😂 (For context the quote was from some show off of animal planet)
  21. XerinaNova

    What kind of anime do you guys like to watch?

    Rurouni Kenshin is my all time fav, nothing will ever beat that anime in my eyes.
  22. I just want to go home and play Apex and eat pizza.

  23. XerinaNova


    I still haven't received my return after filling with TurboTax... Should have had the money on the sixth. Ugh
  24. XerinaNova

    I think you're awesom Greg...is that wrong?

    yea i'd say he's a p alright guy lol
  25. XerinaNova

    What is most important in a partner?

    trust and a good sense of humor. I dated this musician/theatre performer back in 2012... he had the best sense of humor, like he felt like the other half of me that I was missing. He could make me laugh any time, perfect. Too bad he was a fucking psycho.

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