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  1. Not diagnosed BPD, but bipolar 1(final diagnosis in Dec 2018 after 2 weeks being evaluated in a psych ward). I know they're not the same, there are some overlapping symptoms though. My advice is to not give up on therapy and be honest with your psychiatrist, if you're on medication, if your meds are not working. I cannot stress that enough. Also have a good support group around you, if you don't have one - find one. There are plenty of forums with people who have actual diagnosis like you to talk and converse about coping methods. It's a hard road, BPD comes with stigmas but don't let that S●●● define you. That was my biggest hurdle after my own diagnosis of bipolar 1, people just treated me differently and it felt like S●●● but you know what - we are still people, we have personalities, we're just dealing with some issues. Op I hope you can find something that works as far as coping methods go. It's hard but you got this!!
  2. I think that's an open and honest conversation you need to have with him, not us. I have no idea what your relationship is like, if he's been in a situation or known someone in a situation like that. Take another pregnancy test to give him reassurance is all I can really offer as advice.
  3. I'm pretty hyped for Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is a b o s s
  4. aye, we have similar political views. P rare for me to come across anymore, but yea with the outrage culture on sites like twitter, facebook, etc - it's increasingly hard to find people that will respect your views and provide actual discussion.
  5. I wouldn't f●●● with anyone in that mindset. Defend people who are in need of support is my motto. And who cares if the person defending is straight or w/e. Excluding allies because they're straight is the complete opposite of being all inclusive and is detrimental to equality for all.
  6. There's a breaking point for every relationship regardless of what they are to you. So I don't know my answer to this question. It's complicated
  7. Okay so, when you make your appointment you want to talk to your primary care physician. Tell them what you're experiencing and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist and therapist/counselor. When you go to both psych and therapist they will ask for your past medical history, what medication you've been on and what symptoms you're having. The absolute key to getting the best care and on your way to some sense of normalcy is HONESTY. Yea they may put you on meds BUT if it's not working you have to tell them, be open that a medication is not working because there are other options. Outside of medication there is transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment. This is where they stimulate part of the brain to help production of things like serotonin and this has a very high success rate and should be covered by insurance. There is a lot that they can do to help, you just gotta make the first step my dude.
  8. this is what it felt like to me prior to getting diagnosed with Bi-polar I. Turns out I was cycling :P Depression doesn't just go away dude.
  9. u see, look right here your joke was 80x funnier than that entire movie 5 times over
  10. I think hands down, Sausage Party was THE worst movie I've seen in my life.
  11. I think the coolest thing about me is I'm chill all around.
  12. Gurl bangs are bomb, I just did mine recently!!
  13. Man, after all of your posts here...I really think you should see a professional.. I'm really not trying to be mean, just an observation..
  14. meh, I don't watch anything that puts those kind of videos in my recommended. I have had those pop up before and any time I see them I click on the "not interested" button to the side of the video.
  15. I will be handing out temporary bans if y'all cannot get along publicly on here. I don't even care, this place is for fun. Chill the f●●● out

    1. XerinaNova


      If you guys have beef, please duke it out and work it out privately. It is not a good look and it makes me question if all involved are actually even over the age of 18. :/ sitting there bringing discord drama here, it's no one else's business guys. Consider this a warning and if it continues, I will temp ban and instruct other mods to do so if I hear about this happening again. This has happened multiple times now and it's unacceptable at this point. If you are actually over 18, act like it. No one else here is fighting as much as your guys' friend group. Go do something that makes you happy and have a great day. Thanks.


      ALSO guys please remember mods have lives outside of here, so if a problem arises - report it and leave it be at that point. Some WILL get to the report eventually.


    2. XerinaNova


      idk if you upset anyone but I'm just not a person who takes bullS●●●. lol I'm being matter of fact and also really, really annoyed, not "omg how could you guys". I just consider this whole situation a waste of time. :P

  16. I think I'm friends with like one ex, and we have an at arm's length friendship. So more like friendly acquaintances. Otherwise Im not friends with any exes
  17. Please stop reporting a banned account guys. 

    1. ChibiMoonDesu


      Well, we can’t tell if someone is banned or not...

  18. Grow the f●●● up people, this is 18+ f●●●ing act like it. Y'all aren't 13 yr old middle school girls.

    1. Mae


      U shouldnt let it get to u so much 😞 feel better hun xo

    2. XerinaNova


      No it's not getting to me, I'm just annoyed by other people's beef here lmao. Like it's not that hard to get along

    3. swiftscout


      but this is my littles space :^) 

       teehee lol GIF by The Orchard Films

  19. I think nothing should be off limits so long as it's stressed it's a joke and in no way reflects your actual views
  20. My question, why are ppl just deciding to care again because of a documentary? Sure people care when info initially came out, just like with R. Kelly. After it died down people started listening to both artist's music again - no shame. Now, a Netflix doc comes out and people are band-wagoning. Unpopular opinion - but why all of a sudden give a S●●● about something that people didn't really actually care about/forgot about before? I'm seeing people who were huge fans - who probably knew about the controversy - change from stans to "omg I h8 him". I'm not saying his actions were good, if he M●●●●●ed children - he's rotting in hell. He's dead.
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