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  1. mine was natural again until I decided to try doing this lol
  2. Faded pink is so pretty though
  3. if thats you in the picture you look so good with pink hair oh my lord right now my hair is a mix of wella t14 and t18 but it just didnt get that pretty color im so salty about it (sallys was actually where I went lol) I use fenolas no yellow shampoo but it just always seems like it still has a little tinge of yellow in it and its driving me B A N A N A S though I could honestly just be seeing things
  4. Lets talk hair 🙂 also give me some advice! what is your current hair color? Whats the color you wish it was? I really want this color but have no idea how to get it at home if anyone has any advice 😭
  5. I've not decided, I'm waiting to see who is running and what their platforms are.
  6. you and kai should do a lie detector test video, I bet that would get you quite a few views. I've seen a couple other yters do it and it seems like its gone over pretty well
  7. icy cold coca, Rest in Peace my kidneys
  8. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping awhile back, so my doctor prescribed me Ambien. Aside from making everything look like it was constantly moving(like door frames and the floor) I would wake up standing in weird places around my house. I quit taking it after a week, turns out sleepwalking was a pretty common side effect and some people were even sleep online shopping and doing other weird stuff.
  9. I would love to see you do like, a youtubers where are they now from the era when the site really started to take off
  10. I saw an american girl doll at walmart that had a prosthetic leg, and was a gymnast
  11. I like to be nice and smooth, and I like for a partner to at least trim up....and shave them balls >:D
  12. I think its literally just to reproduce, I mean we are animals after all. But I think everyone wants to leave their imprint on the world, so maybe on a more personal level its to try and do that.
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