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  1. I'm not going to lie, this was a f●●●ing weird way to word this and I'm not even sure why you added the last sentence
  2. You know since Joseph wasn't actually jesus's dad, so when the paternity tests come out itd be you are not the father and he can parody the reactions and what not. I did not explain it well 😰
  3. I think you could make a hilarious version of "maury" doing paternity tests for joseph/jesus/Mary and satan/antichrist/antichrists mom
  4. Making nazi jokes makes you a nazi now, must zuck to be someone who is so emotional
  5. I'm gonna go red in the fall :3 right now I'm silver, contemplating a color split with pink
  6. yeah that movie was for sure not made for kids and now I think Kevin Bacon is evil
  7. not really, I drive a pretty small car and its about 8 hrs there so round trip it would cost MAYBE 60 bucks in gas not quite that much
  8. I hate everyones beloved actor Kevin Bacon thanks to Hollow Man. I saw it too young, and now I'll just always see him as a creepy, invisible, murder-rapist. I used to have nightmares about him 😫😫
  9. I'm a lady, and I prefer to be with the fellas
  10. I do a lot of random, impulsive junk when Im bored as well. I used to just drive back to Louisiana all the time, anytime, when I'd get bored. I'd get halfway there and realize I'd just have to make the loooonnnnggg, looooonnnngggg drive back in a few days
  11. I once dressed as Lady Gaga for halloween lol I think her songs are catchy, I wouldnt say I love her so much though
  12. Im late to this topic, but theyre cute af. I wear them for cute instagram pics, or for doing makeup and thats about it though.
  13. I, myself, fan girl over anything regarding the Dyatlov Pass (or the Devil's Pass) where those 9 Russian hikers mysteriously died in crazy ways. Anyhow, what weird real to life mysteries do ya'll love?
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