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  1. Wet, and very cold. Welcome to Ireland! It gives me a reason to binge on Netflix I suppose?
  2. Always loved Pokemon. I think I always will :) All time favorite is Pokemon X/Y :)
  3. I recently started listening to some K-pop.. so yeah... Usually Ed Sheeran is always good to help me relax.
  4. I know it not the title music, but it is my favorite music in a game overall. It is epic.
  5. I enjoy watching/listening to scary story videos. So, Lazy Masquerade, Be.Busta, Corpse Husband etc.
  6. It was pretty fun to be fair, I would have had a panic attack after 3 or 4.
  7. Always makes me laugh 😄
  8. I used to think differently, now I think that exact way.
  9. Social Anxiety. I have panic attacks on occasion too.
  10. Is it bad that I could not care less? I used to care and hope they were OK, now I could not care.
  11. Peaky Blinders, because.... Cillian Murphy. Delicious!!
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