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  1. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Let's talk about console games!

    That is a great game too :)
  2. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    What's Your Weather?

    Wet, and very cold. Welcome to Ireland! It gives me a reason to binge on Netflix I suppose?
  3. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Favorite Video Game?

    Always loved Pokemon. I think I always will :) All time favorite is Pokemon X/Y :)
  4. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Let's talk about console games!

    These on my NEW 3DS XL. I like the newer games too but these were so great and new :)
  5. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    What Are You Listening To?

    I recently started listening to some K-pop.. so yeah... Usually Ed Sheeran is always good to help me relax.
  6. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Introductions for newbies and top 5s!

    1. Reading 2. YouTube 3. Writing 4. Walking 5.working
  7. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    All Time Favorite Video Game Theme Song!

    I know it not the title music, but it is my favorite music in a game overall. It is epic.
  8. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Favorite Pokémon?

  9. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Who is your favorite YouTuber?

    I enjoy watching/listening to scary story videos. So, Lazy Masquerade, Be.Busta, Corpse Husband etc.
  10. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    Kai's "Putting All of My Shirts On At once"

    It was pretty fun to be fair, I would have had a panic attack after 3 or 4.
  11. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    What is the dumbest sport?

    Baseball... it is actual trash.
  12. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    How Tall Are You?

    I am 6 foot 1. I have always been tall even as a child...
  13. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    What are you addicted to?

    best time to watch!
  14. ZaraLuckyCharmz


    Always makes me laugh 😄
  15. ZaraLuckyCharmz

    how do you feel towards your ex(es)?

    I used to think differently, now I think that exact way.

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