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  1. My American Girl doll, Molly
  2. An everything bagel, toasted, with tofutti cream cheese
  3. I relate. My dad was the same way.
  4. iPhone I believe 7, in desperate need of an upgrade
  5. Yoga, skiing, swimming, sittin & chillin, hiking
  6. Groovy username

    1. Unicorinne


      Omg how am I just seeing this now THANK YOU

  7. I sing in a band actually!
  8. Goo Goo Dolls...long after they were popular. I was 16 and went with my then-boyfriend who bought me a t-shirt
  9. My natural is dark brown but I dye it myself to platinum blonde. I'm constantly getting compliments on it and people ask what salon I go to...guess I'm not terrible at getting the back of my head. I use Olaplex to help my hair keep from breaking, loreal quickblue, Wella T18, & manic panic virgin snow to maintain.
  10. Move in, not move on! Just curious about what you all think about relationship timelines
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