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  1. Unicorinne

    Letter Play

  2. Unicorinne

    Alphabet Game

    Freedom triumphs, bagels are everything. LOSKI
  3. Unicorinne

    The Chain Link Word Game

    Shuttlecock (the fancy name for the birdie in badminton)
  4. Unicorinne

    Ask A question to the person below

    My guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore marathons. What is your quest?
  5. Bored at work rn...what's your favorite Onision vid?

  6. Unicorinne

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    I'm a cis female, and I'm bisexual but tend to lean heteroromantic
  7. Unicorinne

    Introduce Yourself

    My name is Corinne, I live alone with my puppy, I sing in a band, and I'm bisexual and a cis female.
  8. Hi I'm new, cis female, and bi. Be my friend.

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    2. XerinaNova


      *waves* hi, hello new person ^-^

    3. AmazingDiana


      24, cis gender female, pansexual. Helloooooo 😙😙

    4. raebluume
  9. Unicorinne

    What Have You Been Diagnosed With?

    I have PTSD, depression & anxiety
  10. Unicorinne

    What’s your zodiac sign?

    I am a Pisces (splish splash motherfucker) Gemini Moon Virgo Rising

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