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  1. Pink floyds pulse concert is the beeeeeeest! Great gig in the sky gives me the chills its so relaxing, takes me to another flucking world ! Lol i know ppl dont really like that song, i do, judge me all you want 😌 The entire show from the beginning to the end just feels ugh... Can't describe it
  2. Pink floyd! alice in chains, eminem, mad season... I like so many but i love these bands the most :3
  3. Phantom of the opera singing in the rain rocky horror picture show sweeney todd nightmare before christmas
  4. I dont play much, but i really like skyrim :)
  5. I saw the vid where you kissed shane, and i was like "wow, he's hot. who is he?" I started watching your vids, made you music my ringtone πŸ˜‚ And now like 10 or 11 years later and i still think you're hot πŸ˜… Lol kai is much more beautiful than you , but still β˜ΊοΈπŸ’š
  6. Pink floyd - waiting for the worms
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