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  1. Michelle

    Favorite live music performances?

    Pink floyds pulse concert is the beeeeeeest! Great gig in the sky gives me the chills its so relaxing, takes me to another flucking world ! Lol i know ppl dont really like that song, i do, judge me all you want 😌 The entire show from the beginning to the end just feels ugh... Can't describe it
  2. Michelle

    What Is Your Favorite Band?

    Pink floyd! alice in chains, eminem, mad season... I like so many but i love these bands the most :3
  3. Michelle

    Word Association

  4. Michelle

    Word Association

  5. Michelle

    Word Association

  6. Michelle

    Word Association

  7. Michelle

    Ask A question to the person below

    Pizza. do you like cheese?
  8. Michelle

    Alphabet Game

    Help every jolly kelvin lose our love kidneys turn bad KLMIOGTW
  9. Michelle

    Favorite musical movie?

    Phantom of the opera singing in the rain rocky horror picture show sweeney todd nightmare before christmas
  10. Michelle

    Rate the person above you 1-10

  11. Michelle

    Favorite Video Game?

    I dont play much, but i really like skyrim :)
  12. Michelle

    The "I Never" Game

    I never broke a bone I never danced while taking a shower
  13. Michelle

    Let's play Would you Rather

    Stay stuck on repeat of my worst days would you rather cut bangs 2 fingers long or shave the middle part of your head 💁 (I know its lame, i dont have creativity lol)
  14. Michelle

    What would you do to the person above you?

    Yees! Paint our hair all the colors x.x lol
  15. Michelle

    Any hoopers? Hooping?


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