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  1. ixchelle

    Songs that had a influence on you.

    black #1 - type 0 negative XD
  2. ixchelle

    Hello? Canadians? Anyone?

    😎 maple syrup crew
  3. ixchelle

    What Is Your Favorite Band?

    in the traditional use of the word "band" i guess id say deftones :333333
  4. ixchelle

    Favorite live music performances?

    i still cant believe they can sound this good live
  5. ixchelle

    All Time Favorite Video Game Theme Song!

    secret of mana, its just so beautiful n nostalgic! nxt is ff7 overworld theme... :3
  6. ixchelle

    Favorite Video Game?

    ever? i cant pick just 1...lately its been fallout 4 the longtime reigning champ was previously uhh chrono cross, its a masterpiece ( n a bs answer my faves were listed in another topic already )
  7. ixchelle

    Most Attractive Video Game Character

    bartz klauser 💖 idky he didnt hookup w faris ;_;
  8. ixchelle

    Let's talk about console games!

    i got a hacked wii, so i can play roms from nes all the way to ps1, a game cube, nintendo64, xbox360, ps4 im not abt console wars but more like ... j games > a games or at least i thought till i played fallout new vegas, western rpgs r ruthless n the character customization is crazy :3 however my all time faves r anything from the saga series ( romancing saga 3 is my fav tho ) the lunar series ( sega cd version r better!!! ) mother series (ness ness ness) n ive probably beat ff6 so many times i am kefka in some universes jk i luv games, i even luv making them too... i can talk about vintage games 4evr but theres tons of cool indie stuff, yall ever yume nikki? its life changing!
  9. ixchelle

    What Sports Did You Play In School?

    volleyball, tetherball n i was a lifeguard for a loooooong time :3
  10. ixchelle

    What Is The Craziest Thing You've Done?

    travelled out of country and to america for the first time and alone.... it was to meet someone important 💖
  11. ixchelle

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    ring finger of my left hand has a slipped tendon n wont bend good at the tip, no one notices till i mention tho
  12. ixchelle

    What are you addicted to?

    snes jrpgs, i cant believe like 25 yrs l8r G-O-D: Mezame yoto Yobu Koe ga Kikoe got a fucking fan trans......yeesh! it is so good tho think, lufia 2 meets earthbound
  13. ixchelle


    my big bbw princess grl, my cat sugar is my child! shes a sweet n fancy bombae

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