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  1. yea there was this 1 doc i forget the name, that really focused on his early life w her n the doll obsession... idk i think she was the real luv of his life n not courtney XD
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 a classic
  3. the rat 😸 taurus rat if its includin western!
  4. hmmm prolly the art stuff n bein unapologetically me 💫
  5. omg have u seen the found footage movie abt it? it was nuts! me personally the jon benet ramsey thing, but its been mostly proven now it was her brother burke that did it so.... 💥
  6. its fun 😸 i got a whole buncha sets
  7. ive had my run ins w his Twitter haters too, this 1 person has like 20 sock puppet accounts n gets super butthurt when u block them. their logic is easily broken but like imo its not worth it lmaoooo
  8. imo theres nothing onision could have done, w the weird internet climate around him today, online ppl would have stupidly n irrationally said he was a creep for changing the diaper (cause they have called him a creep for less lol) n not changing the diaper brought us all here god like the internet is so f●●●ed up lol
  9. what killed me the most is her expert knowledge on dna n pretty much illuding to pedophilia being something ppl r "born" with u kno u have too much rich privilege when... would luv to know if she has any kids n what they think of her statements.
  10. 13 yrs w husband 🌈 but it was ldr for like 6 yrs in the beginning 😭
  11. lmfao so weird... i just get ads for local sushi places?
  12. yea child exploitation n family vloggin just leaves a bad taste in my mouth like... its not natural to raise children thst way before they can consent for themselves to be online 4 ever
  13. husband clickin away 2 pwn n00bs in starcraft 😈
  14. hes such a good troll... so i take it all w a grain of salt, the genius is undeniable tho
  15. i luv hackers angelina 90s fashion bible stuff... the craft, spice girls etc
  16. i think its called black ink or water or something like that 🌈
  17. gotta make me laugh, gotta have that trust n loyalty 💎
  18. i always end up in v urban areas, but my preference would be outta town... i dont drive so public transit>
  19. any forest i can go running and screaming into lmao nxt is prolly a sushi bar 🍣
  20. chibi all day every day 🐇
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