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  1. ChibiMoonDesu

    Saddest Video Game Moment?

    When your Roblox character dies... 😞
  2. ChibiMoonDesu

    🏋🏻 Exercising and Working Out 🏋🏽‍♀️

    WOW! What an improvement! Keep up the good work 😄
  3. ChibiMoonDesu

    🏋🏻 Exercising and Working Out 🏋🏽‍♀️

    For the mothers who are concern about their child/children’s health : PBS Guide for Family Park Activities Sports to start your kids early with to keep them in good health and more active! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.care.com/c/stories/3876/the-top-20-sports-for-kids/amp/ Success Stories of overweight kids after joining a sport! https://kurbo.com/child-weight-loss-success-story-lindy-realizes-healthier-food-tastier-food-loses-15-pounds/ https://kurbo.com/child-weight-loss-success-story-kacie-7-years-old-drops-significant-8-bmi-points-helps-parents-lose-pounds/
  4. Anyone into working out and exercising? I like lifting weights and working out at the gym. ☺️ Here’s a thigh and butt workout you can try out. I did this challenge with weights and I lost weight and toned! I should go back to doing this again 😭
  5. ChibiMoonDesu

    Eugenia's friends are speaking out...

    One of the videos stated, they can’t get access to her anywhere and all her social media messaging is dead. So the only way they have to speak to her now is by posting a video 😞
  6. ChibiMoonDesu

    Onision! Please make this video!

    Recommend Vegetarian Brands 😃🌿🍴
  7. ChibiMoonDesu

    Introductions for newbies and top 5s!

    1. Horses 2. Sailor Moon 3. God 4. Pastel 5. My friends ☺️
  8. ChibiMoonDesu

    Have you ever had any experience with illegal substances?

    No I haven’t but I’ve been friends with many people who have. I’m currently using medicine at the moment and I haven’t thought about stopping the use of it. My friend had experience with weed and after she did it she felt awful. I don’t know why but a year ago she did it with prescription medication and weed and she was vomiting like crazy. To this day she doesn’t smoke a single thing anymore even vape.
  9. ChibiMoonDesu

    The healing properties of crystals

    Actually! I want to ask another. What properties does the Alexandrite have? I know it’s the rarest gem of them all but it’s just so gorgeous!
  10. ChibiMoonDesu

    The healing properties of crystals

  11. ChibiMoonDesu

    The healing properties of crystals

    What properties do Angel Aura Quartz have ? Edit: Oh nevermind I found it ! Thank you ☺️
  12. ChibiMoonDesu

    Song Titles A - Z (Minus Q,X,Z)

    Wish I Had An Angel
  13.           A5FB1A69-63B1-434D-935D-663D9D6DD606.gif.0584adc67827469ffd4750e828d28e93.gif

                         RUN, FOREST, RUN!!!!

  14. ChibiMoonDesu

    Eating Animals

    Well, I eat meat except on certain days. I only buy grass-fed and humanely raised meat and it’s less fattened. I don’t recommend buying corn fed meat since that’s where most cruel slaughters happen. :,(

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