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  1. James Veich, Bo Burnham, Jeff Dunham, Daniel Tosh and Jim Jefferies
  2. @Anna No, it's the first one XD I was ten and thought eating grass gave me magical powers. And I enjoy ASMR.... X'D
  3. I think it was through Shane Dawson
  4. meditation, tai chi and mindfulness
  5. Bojack Horseman F is for family Crazy ex girlfriend
  6. aww that sucks.. ❤️ I like that we have seasons, but there are countries where it's always summer (weather). I wouldn't mind living there for a few years XD. But I'm planning on going to university in Scotland, so no such luck.
  7. It's better than freezing, but I'm waiting for spring
  8. Same weather here, but less rain XD
  9. freezing at night, little bit of snow
  10. MerelMelchers

    Eating Animals

    I'm a pescetarian. I'm against torturing animals. I personally don't eat meat, other than fish, but if you have a pig, for example, and your pig dies of natural causes and you always treated the pig well, then I'm not against eating it. Eating meat isn't particularly healthy, but even though I'm a pescetarian, I don't eat that healthy either, so I'm not going to judge people for that part XD
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