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  1. I'm a huge photography buff, show me your best photos! Here's one of the Natural History Museum in London.
  2. Girl, you need yourself a new friend. This possessive type of behaviour that she is displaying ain't healthy and isn't gonna do you any good.
  3. Just remember that you don'y owe anyone your time. Just because you don't reply within their suited time frame doesn't mean you are the problem, they need to learn some patience! If they want you to reply/talk to you so bad they can always call you instead of sending a message, y'know? Like damn 😂
  4. Cystic Fibrosis (From birth) and Anxiety linked to my CF as well as social anxiety.
  5. Went for drinks, he spent the whole time staring at me and giving me one word answers when i tried to strike a convo. answered everything really quick as well, like "do you fancy another drink or a bite to eat?" - "Yes." *continues to stare into my soul lol!
  6. Being Human (UK version) Could have been better than what it was tbh.
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