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  1. There aren't enough hours in the day.
  2. Shortly after a near-death experience in the hospital, I started to experience some strange s●●● (and the only person who believed me was my dad). -- The first was when I was in my room and something hit me in the back from behind when I was on the computer--I turned but nothing was there. I went out to confront my sister, (she used to play jokes on me) but she was downstairs on the couch no way she could have done it. -- The second time, I felt something heavy sit at the end of my bed (like you know how when a person sits and leaves an imprint) but nothing was there. -- Another time in a different house, I was at my computer in my room minding my own business and my coke can just went sliding across the desk for no reason at all. Hit the plate, (otherwise it would have spilled on the floor). The windows were closed. In that same room, items would fall over on their own at random including a heavy coin purse that ended up all over the floor. All of this took place during my younger years, I was around 21 at the time and have not had any experiences since.
  3. Was physically beaten to the ground by my ex when I caught him cheating and confronted him.
  4. I got to swim with dolphins once. It was an amazing experience!
  5. "I promise I'll be loyal." Every ex I've ever had.
  6. I just never saw the appeal of smoking (anything) at all. O.o I guess I'm just a boring lame-o. BUT I have nothing against people who vape or smoke you guys do you 🙂 it's just never been my thing. *shrug*
  7. My sleep schedule varies. Sometimes it's six, sometimes it's nine. Depends on what my body needs.
  8. Snow. Slush. More snow. 😛 Currently scheduled for even MORE in-coming snow.
  9. I'm a homebody, the country life sounds appealing to me but I'm stuck in the city so it's what I've always known and grown up with. 😛
  10. For me, a sense of humor is very important. Kind, understanding, and above all honest & loyal. These are all things I look for in someone.
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