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  1. It was a misinterpretation. They are definitely not divorcing, it's all good fam šŸ™‚
  2. Honestly, one of the few YouTuber's who can still make me crack a smile or full-out laugh whenever I'm having a crappy day. I like that he's honest and straight-forward and not afraid to express his opinions even if other people don't like to hear it.
  3. Paler than Casper the Friendly Ghost. :V Or yanno, Caucasian. šŸ˜›
  4. Oof. Yeah, debates can be tricky if the other person is not willing to listen. šŸ˜ My mom's dog is super trained, but still barks up a storm when he sees kids in the park or something alerts him. It's instinct to bark--they're a dog yanno? this is probably gonna get me a sā—ā—ā—-ton of flack but, if shock collars were truly considered dangerous then why are they still on the market? Surely they'd be removed if they seriously hurt the dog? if it's an effective training tool, stick with it and then remove the collar when the dog's fully trained. Sometimes dog's need an extra push--it's a training method, just like the clicker thing.
  5. It's because they're trying very hard to be condescending and talk over you so they can hear themselves being right in their heads. They're trying to act like Blair White, basically--"you're not going to talk over me1010101!" but they're the one's talking over you most of the time, oof. Debates are supposed to be civil but I think you carry yourself well through them and it royally pisses them off when they see that their trolling isn't getting to you. :V
  6. Haha, remember though she "never said she was a lawyer"! literal video rewind showing that she did in fact say such a thing lol.
  7. I'm very loyal and can usually relate to a lot of different people.
  8. Relatableeeeeeee. lol
  9. A whole new level of creepy!
  10. I live in an apartment complex so my place usually smells like whatever the neighbors (or I'm) cooking. xD
  11. Just stepping in as a friendly reminder for everyone to please be respectful of other users.
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