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  1. Nope. To me it's about compatibility and personality.
  2. I'm very loyal and can usually relate to a lot of different people.
  3. Relatableeeeeeee. lol
  4. A whole new level of creepy!
  5. I live in an apartment complex so my place usually smells like whatever the neighbors (or I'm) cooking. xD
  6. Just stepping in as a friendly reminder for everyone to please be respectful of other users.
  7. Relatable! O_O I couldn't even see out my window there was snow blowing everywhere and coming down. It's finally stopped though!
  8. Ya, you might wanna.... re-word that it comes off as very passive aggressive.
  9. As much as I fear death, I'd have to pick mortal. I imagine it'd get pretty lonely after a while watching all your friends and loved ones move on and you're still where you are. 😐
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