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  1. AmazingDiana


    Immortal. Then I never have to give someone the same pain as when my mother died... But I guess then everyone would die around me. So it all depends. Would I have to be like Edward Cullen and leave everyone behind every few years to avoid getting caught. These are all questions I need answered
  2. I understand how you feel. I'm 24 with a 2 yearold... I always thought I'd get married and have children. But that didn't go as planned. What if I can't find anyone who accepts both me and my son. What if I never have anymore children. Atleast we have this forum so were never really alone
  3. Seven pounds. Such a good movie. Will smith at his best
  4. New dogs thoughts tomorrow!!! Yesssss crack is wack! 

  5. Weirdest thing would have to be going to a kardaver lab and look inside was bodies((it was for college)) What was your weirdest dream
  6. On to bigger and better things

  7. .... Now that I can post gifs. I'm gonna be sarcasticdiana. XD

  8. Hello beautiful people

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    2. Anna


      Great! I hope you and you son have a better time living away from negative people. 

    3. AmazingDiana


      Thank Anna 🙂 we are

    4. Anna
  9. I just wanted to let you know that you're such a nice presence in this forum and I love reading your posts. You're my favorite member already.

  10. Jesus why leave money to a cat. Just make sure you have moeny aside for him if you pass (like a few thousand)and then give to charity
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