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  1. It's been almost 5 weeks since he has seen his son... How can a father be so heartless.


    Moving away in 3 weeks... 

    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      There's a lot of pain in this world.  The pain has evolved and it remains an invisible enemy.  I will try to rectify this great problem.  What you're going through is a small representation of it all.  I'm sorry you're going through it.  But as time passes, I hope all people's works, harmonies, and currents gets some positive profound things to happen...like your son's father coming back home and supporting and giving the family love as a good, supporting father.  All the best for your family.

    2. AmazingDiana


      Thanks for being so sweet... But I'd never want his father back in our lives. He is abusive. Something you didn't know. But I do wish him luck in getting help in therapy,etc

    3. AmazingDiana


      I really just wish he would visit him more then once a month or two

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