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  1. I work with adults with disabilities. 


    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      wait, physical disabilities, right?  or...wait, right?  helping others in such a way is pretty darn cool...wow...good job...admirable...

    2. Lilith
  2. All carbon tax did was require places to pay a tax for creating energy or pollution... Which then costed so much that they had to fire or layoff alot of people. Whole companies shut down.... So many people had to give up their homes, day lives.... Because they couldn't find work. Then everyone in Alberta had to pay a carbon tax in taxes(more money taken from us) and then gas prices, rent,etc all went up.... GST was spiked. Food prices spiked(trucks use gas which destroy the environment). Carbon tax did nothing but cause thousands of people to be on welfare or homeless.
  3. Carbon tax is useless. It has costed thousands of jobs. Alberta still has to support the Maritimes while barely having money... And ofcourse now with carbon tax gas prices also doubled sometimes tripled...... You must not live in Canada. It's been really tough here.
  4. Homelessness and people on welfare has tripled. Even in the big city... they had to build two more homeless shelters just to help.
  5. I'm from Alberta where everyone is out of work because of the pipeline or carbon tax...... That's why I don't like him.
  6. Just telling my honest opinion.. don't like it. To bad. 

  7. I'm Canadian. And Im Probably gonna vote back in conservative.... Trudeau sucks.
  8. My son woke me up at 630.... I'm not impressed

  9. What exactly would be so private? You could post your question on here. And have all of us help out. Just a suggestion.
  10. It's my signature. I change it every week
  11. It's a s●●uality... Even if there no s●●.
  12. Adam you really worry me.... I've seen your posts. Have you really never trusted anyone? Not one person? I doubt it. You probably have been burned like the rest of us.... And scared to trust anyone. If you need a friend. I'm here DM me.
  13. Currently in the process of moving from a big city to a small town. I hope to find a farmer boy to date. Id love to live on the country side
  14. Ask why. Maybe he is busy... How he is ignoring you.. in person? ....
  15. I repeat. I shout. Don't have babies with idiots. 

  16. Yeah.. I've moved to fast and then been stuck. So it's best to wait until after your first real fight. Until you see their true colors and treatment honeymoon stage is over
  17. Reported. Someone remove this member. Or atleast his topic. Not appropriate. 

  18. Depression for me. Feels like someone has stabbed me in the heart. That my chest is heavy. My feet are numb. Depression is a full body experience
  19. .... My ex is harrassing me. I need emotional support. 

    1. Lilith


      If a stranger is enough, please DM me or let me know that I should DM you.

    2. Cloudy


      Oh no...

      If you need to talk I'm here

      I'm so sorry hun.

    3. AmazingDiana


      Thanks guys. DM me. I'm just not feeling so good. My ex just knows how to tear me down. 

  20. I would say the most important thing to me is a good heart and healthy life choices. I couldn't stay with someone who drank alot, did drugs or even had a criminal record. I need someone who will be responsible. Be loyal and be sweet.
  21. Ohhhh yes thats me. But I've learned to control my emotions... Most of the time. Anyone I've dated would say otherwise.
  22. Should I dye my hair pink? 

  23. I found before I was going to therapy I had this happen almost 2-3 times a week. It was terrifing. Your lucky not to have hallucinations. Now I have one a year . Maybe.. its alot better now that I've faced my fears
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