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  1. So happy Valentine's Day is over... 

  2. AmazingDiana

    Happy Valentine's Day

    If anyone is feeling lonely. Here's a cute picture of my son with the card he made me. 💗💗💗💗💗💗
  3. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!. 

  4. Look at my cute valentine! 



    1. Anna


      He's so cute! Happy Valentine's Day Diana! :classic_love:

    2. AmazingDiana


      Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

  5. AmazingDiana

    Burgers or pizza?

    So. It's late. I can't sleep..so Burger ? Or Pizza?
  6. Binge watching shameless season 8. So good. Anyone else obsessed?

  7. AmazingDiana

    How Tall Are You?

    How tall are you? I am 5'1.... And I'm 24.. not growing anymore. Anyone else tiny like me?
  8. AmazingDiana

    Game of thrones.

    I can't wait for season 8. Sitting waiting.
  9. AmazingDiana

    Opinions needed

    So I have a roommate. She has 2 kids. I've always been afraid to say anything to her or call the cops because I lived at the house.i was afraid of being kicked out. I worried the cops or cps would loop me and my son into her situation if I reported. Because I've lived here. Her boyfriend is a coke head. Abuser, likes to punch walls and slap his children My roommate has no paitence, yells and screams at her kids all day, makes kraft dinner for her kids to eat every lunch. Her 4 yearold isn't potty trained, I tried to help her train him while I trained my 2 yearold and she flipped out after he had two accidents and shoved him back into diapers. He barely speaks and sits on the couch all day on his tablet. I've seen her throw his sippy cup because he asked for milk. Her 2 1/2 yearold son doesn't speak at all. Only learned how to walk 3 months ago. I wouldn't speak if someone told me to shut up everytime I made a noise. I move away from this shit hole in a week. I plan on calling CPS on her and even telling them where every wall hole is. My stomach is In my chest.... I need you guys to tell me that I'm doing the right thing... And also reassure me that I'm not going to have cops down my throat for living here hearing how she treats her children . Please give me advice.
  10. I need someone to talk to. I'm having a bad day

    1. Anna


      Do you want to message me and we can talk?

  11. AmazingDiana


    It's a sexuality. It should be included
  12. AmazingDiana

    Let's play Would you Rather

    Let's play would your rather. I'll start by giving two options and the person below then decides between them and gives the next two options. It continues. Sooooo Would you rather See Ghosts/The Dead or know when your going to die and why?
  13. AmazingDiana

    Body hair

    What are your thoughts on body hair. I remove everything all the time. Except in the winter I don't shave my legs. My skin is so sensitive if I shave in the winter I get ingrown hairs.. had a guy the other day comment on my legs saying I was disgusting. I don't personally think it's an issue. What are your guys thoughts on body hair.
  14. AmazingDiana

    What is your job?

  15. AmazingDiana

    What is your job?

    I am a health care aide. I specialize in working with adults with disabilities. I also am a mom.
  16. Nice name... You have guts! Haha

  17. You guys are so supportive. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  18. AmazingDiana

    What Is The WORST YouTube Genre?

    ... I hate. HATE ASMR. Supposed to calm me... Gives me more aniexty
  19. AmazingDiana

    I Want To Get Something Off My Chest

    **but the baby** stupid autocorrect I'm sorry.
  20. AmazingDiana

    I Want To Get Something Off My Chest

    My sister went through the same thing.. butthead baby lived the abortion... And died 3 months later in his crib. We watched this tiny baby struggle from the complications of an infection. Couldn't eat ,breathe very well.. it was sad. I understand your pain Hun.. I'm so sorry you went through that... --hugs-- you need someone. You inbox me.
  21. I'm sorry I haven't been on alot the past two days. I'm moving Friday and I'm scrambling to get everything done

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    2. AmazingDiana


      I'm so stressed out. But we got the rental place we wanted. It's so beautiful and perfect. Everything is falling into place

    3. AmazingDiana


      Finally fully packed up. My god. That was a workout. 15 heavy boxes all packed I can't wait to move in 3 days. To a new place. It's a 4 bedroom but made into a 3 bedroom. Were giving my 2 yearold the big bedroom to create a huge play room in there for him. Were also living right beside a park I could throw him over the fence and is he at the park(not that I would) but I'm so excited for this new step in life. 

    4. Peacefulfaerie


      Aww, that's incredible! I'm glad you found the perfect place to live. ^_^ My hope is we'll be able to do the same next year.

  22. (> '-')> hugs <('-'<)

  23. AmazingDiana

    Should my sexuality affect my chance on getting trans hormones?

    No. Your allowed to be attracted to who you attracted to. Doesn't invalidate your transgenderness... Like what.
  24. Making yourself cry... Just isn't healthy. It's good to get those emotions out, but you shouldn't be forcing them out.
  25. AmazingDiana

    🏋🏻 Exercising and Working Out 🏋🏽‍♀️

    I walk everywhere now, drink lots of water, Removed red meat from my diet, and began to eat smaller portions. Not bad at all.

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