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  1. With food. Vegetable udon noodles with sushiii in particular. I could eat it everyday.
  2. Just don't take things so personal you don't know me nor I know you. Hope your mum lives long. K bye I got to goooo
  3. Ah I'm sorry I just care 100 times more for animals than humans but I see it's your mum I care about my mum a ton too. I feel like you're just getting to offended over this that's all please don't take things to seriously k. And I wasn't understanding how a piece of meat can be more beneficial than anything else by all means indulge mr.op.
  4. Oki thanks for the long paragraph but then again I call bull shit 🙃 It's just so many things let's just eat meat to solve all our problems ready? Lol Gah why do people get offended so easily I'm not talking down on people. .. Sih just eat whatever you want idc honestly.
  5. Nah it's just I've heard the same shit bunch of times where people have told me its unhealthy not to eat meat. Just found it really weird how you wrote that some people just can't stop eating meat or live healthier and you should literally know by now there's nothing really I could do I dont hunt I just sign a bunch of petitions but idek what that does.. never had many feed back on it only a couple.
  6. You can buy quality meat tried whole foods? 2 steak for 40 bucks That's still around
  7. I'm not saying people can't have dieases and sickness through genetics. There are just some foods that don't help end of the day eat whatever you want right who cares about the animals.
  8. Whatever give your mother a piece of steak and move on I don't know anything about it so throwing that out there is vague.
  9. Conditions where you have to eat meat and can't eat healthier oki sure lol
  10. Wtf that's so fucked up. ;-;
  11. Well just give a lil perspective on where meat comes from and how it's handled. But I seriously can't wrap my head around what you just said. People just Like the taste and they wont give it up... medical reasons I can't.. there's no way
  12. Can't become vegetarian or vegan for medical reason.. . Thats like the dumbest thing I've read todai I'm sorry if being rude but wdf dude°•°
  13. Also farms that say they're free range and stuff yah it's the same shit.. But even worse bc the baby calfs actually bonded with the mother for a few... pigs too idek it's all gross as fuck
  14. Meat industry is gruesome if you don't have a problem eating dead babies who were covered in wounds and shit oki fine do you. 😷 Fun fact baby male calfs live up to 1-3 days baby girl calfs lives up to 6 months until they impregnated and stuck in a chamber to rot and later slaughter like her mother and start the cycle again.. I try not to eat cheese and stuff bc that was once food for a baby calf. I saw a baby calf being ripped out from the mother and they were just born being punched in the face kicked and the mother hit with crowbar/ burned its truely heart renching and these are people who should just die ugh those are the worst people. Baby pigs same process through 6 months idek about the male ones but once they're born they cut their tale their ears and even slice the side of their stomach digging in pulling a organ out and chopping it off you should see how the piglet stays still on the metal floor and just crys. I also saw pigs that were burried alive.. you could hear them screaming and begging for their life for a slice of meat that's real cute.. I'm sorry if I'm offending you but Jesus Christ dude ... There's much more stuff but I think that's enough of that Also meat and milk contain high amounts of carcinogen which causes cancer... so healthy not for long idek if you're cool with drinking more than 1000 blood pus cells in milk but I'm not. ;-;
  15. God is good so they wouldnt allow such :"c idek where we go I sometimes think of this when I'm going to go to bed it's really depressing bc you dont want to seperate from the ones you wuv bc then youre going to be alone or some where unknown hm if I go to hell I would love to haunt and stuff on the bad people I hope that's my ending sih I don't want to sleep eternally or come back.
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